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World First Dual Wave RF Micro-needling System: Sylfirm X is Recognized by TOP US Aesthetic Dermatologists

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#SylfirmX--VIOL Co., Ltd hosted the first global event called �Moonlight Sylfirm X Global Symposium 2022� on September 18th, at the Grand Mercure Hotel, Seoul. The Symposium invited renowned domestic aesthetic dermatologists and Top US board-certified plastic surgeons, bringing together a total of 100 aesthetic practitioners in one place. The Symposium Program was composed of lectures on scientific background and the unique discovery of Sylfirm X technology.

Among international speakers, American board-certified dermatologist, Dr. E. Victor Ross M.D. gave a presentation on �New Developments in RF Micro-needling- Pigment, the Next Frontier� and American board-certified plastic surgeon Diane Duncan M.D., �Biostimulation: Combining Sylfirm X with Biologicals� on revolutionary RF micro-needling technology and optimized safety of Sylfirm X with the �NA EFFECT.� Additionally, Miami Florida-based F.A.C.S plastic surgeon Dr. Randy Miller M.D and celebrity cosmetic surgeon & F.A.C.S Dr. Chad Deal shared their experiences with the fellow doctors during the event.

Dr. Miller said, �SYLFIRM X technology makes every other RF micro-needling device obsolete. Instantaneous results, no downtime and no anesthesia needed.� Domestic skin experts in the aesthetic field exchanged their research results and shared discovered treatment solutions with SYLFIRM X.

According to doctors, Sylfirm X�s world-first dual wave energy delivering method is a phenomenon that helps to improve skin textures and has strong effectiveness for facial redness compared to conventional RF delivering systems. Current user doctors are very satisfied with Sylfirm X generating minimal pain and downtime to overcome patients� discomfort.

Dr. Chad Deal, a skin expert and board-certified plastic surgeon, said, �This right here is the single most amazing piece of aesthetic equipment I have ever seen in my 13 years of being in the operating room.�

Sylfirm X is the world�s first FDA-cleared Pulsed Wave (PW) and Continuous Wave (CW) Radio Frequency Micro Needling device that targets both skin laxity and pigmentation. It was developed by Dr. Ph.D. Jongju Na, based on the scientific report �Na Effect Phenomenon� published by Nature Publishing Group, describes independent thermal coagulation around each electrode. Sylfirm X adopted a bipolar non-insulated micro needle to maximize the treatment results specifically for vascular pigmentation during the PW modes, and skin revitalization during the CW modes.

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