World�s First Blockchain Fitness Band, InfiniteBand, Sold Out Within Two Weeks of Launch

InfinitePay Limited has just announced that their limited edition health wearable fitness band has been fully booked for pre-order. InfiniteBand is powered by the latest emerging health and blockchain technologies, and is the flagship product of the New Zealand-based technology company.

Auckland, New Zealand, September 21, 2019 --( The pre-order for the Collector�s First Edition launched earlier this month, and all sets were quickly swept up by the public within two weeks.

Apart from bragging rights, owners of the Collector�s First Edition also have access to an exclusive tier of rewards offered by the Burn to Earn programme.

Burn to Earn
For the uninitiated, Burn to Earn is a wellness programme that motivates InfiniteBand users to stay healthy with the simple philosophy of burning calories to earn credits that can be used with participating merchants. The programme is exclusive to InfiniteBand owners, and uses both the InfiniteBand and its accompanying app to reward participants. InfinitePay Limited hopes that their fitness programme and gear can be used to combat a sedentary lifestyle, ultimately helping millions lead healthier lives.

Unfortunately for members of the public who were unable to pre-order the limited edition InfiniteBand, they will no longer be available in the market. However, following the overwhelming demand, the company behind InfiniteBand has already started producing the second batch of fitness bands. Interested individuals can head over to their website ( in anticipation of the second edition InfiniteBands.

According to official sources, the company is already developing other IoT (Internet of Things) devices that can help enrich lives and expand the InfinitePay ecosystem. Fans of InfiniteBand can look forward to more innovative products, programmes, and apps that are slated to launch in the near future, starting with a state-of-the-art IoT smartphone powered by emerging technologies.

About InfinitePay Limited
InfinitePay Limited is a technology company headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand. The company explores and employs cutting-edge technology to reach their goal of rapid application and diffusion of innovations that cause significant change in society. Established to make emergent technologies ubiquitous to advance the quality of living on a global scale, the company envisions a vibrant world that can leave everyday burdens to technology. The suite of InfinitePay Limited products can be found at

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