Xiaomi to launch MIUI 8 and Mi Max today

MIUI 8Today is a big day for Xiaomi Fans! Xiaomi is launching a new Mi phone and an updated version of MIUI, that's Mi Max and MIUI 8. Whether it is making a new phone or redesign the operating system, Xiaomi is always striving to make everyone enjoy the fun of technology.

Throwing back the lineup of Mi phones, the display varies in sizes. We have 5-inch Mi 4, 5.15-inch Mi 5, 5.5-inch Redmi Note 3, 5.7-inch Mi Note. Now I am telling you, Mi Max is much bigger than what we have mentioned, not only in screen display, but also in battery capacity.

MIUI 8, finally. Based on Android and having developed for years, MIUI is now a mature operating system. It's a beautiful and easy-to-use operating system. Speaking of MIUI 8, the changes are beyond your expectation. We redesigned many features of MIUI, only to make your life easier.

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