Xiaomi launched MIUI 8: New Features, Release Date and Supported Devices

miui 8 1Xiaomi launched Android based MIUI 8. Here are the latest features of MIUI 8

Power Saving mode:
Freezes background app activity. Suspends syncs, updates and backgroud tasks.

Limit chain start-ups:
Prevents unessential apps from starting up. Reduces lags and power consumption.

Multi-Window management:
Now get desktp like Multi Window on MIUI 8 Phones

Detects Scams and fraud messages:
Now MIUI 8 messaging app can alert you when you receive a Scams or fraud messages.

New Beautiful templates for Sharing Notes:
Grid view for better navigation. You can lock the notes by passcode and fingerprint security

Advanced Calculator:
Now you can use Advanced Calculations and Conversions on MIUI 8 Calculater App

New MIUI 8 Scanner:

New MIUI 8 Gallery with Quick share controls:
Swipe up to share. Change filters with a tap.

Doodle on photos:
Easily doodle your photos to make it fun. How about showing off your own doodled pictures?

Add Stickers:
Add the cute sticker to your photos any time. Tell a story in a single photo?

Enhanced video editing tools:
MIUI 8 supports video editing, in forms of cropping, adding filters, captions and music.


MIUI 8 China ROM release dates:

Beta registration: 16 May, 2016.
Beta testing: 1 June, 2016.
Developer ROM: 17 June, 2016.

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