Yeti & the Fox is Here. Effective Hangover Prevention That Really Works.

Yeti & The Fox, a new hangover prevention. Now you can party and avoid the pain of a hangover. Science has finally solved the age old problem of how to drink without a hangover. Simple, but amazing; Yeti & The Fox is a market defining new product.

Yeti & the Fox is Here. Effective Hangover Prevention That Really Works.

Canterbury, United Kingdom, February 11, 2019 --( Society is constantly moving forward but people still get hangovers. Not any more.

Yeti & The Fox, recently launched, allows you to avoid the pain we all know - waking up after a great night out feeling like you�ve been hit by a bus.

With Yeti & The Fox you can now drink, have fun and also feel normal the next day; to perform at work, go to the gym, play sport, take the kids to football, see friends, or simply just wake up feeling normal.

The core ingredient of Yeti & The Fox is a special form of glutathione, a compound molecule made inside every human cell and integral to the body�s detoxification process and energy metabolism. It is the single most protective antioxidant produced by the body and plays a critical role in fighting the toxins from alcohol.

When drinking alcohol, the body uses glutathione to break down the toxins from the alcohol but in doing, so the stores of glutathione can become depleted, increasing the risk of hangovers. Yeti & The Fox replenishes the body�s levels of glutathione allowing it to better break down the nasties from alcohol and avoid that horrible hangover.

Glutathione is clinically proven to work. The University of Milan studied the effect of glutathione on blood alcohol, acetaldehyde and hepatic triglyceride levels and found a significant reducing effect, meaning no stinking hangovers for the lucky users of Yeti & The Fox. It really works. Isn�t science amazing!

So, no more worries about feeling hungover at work and underperforming in that important meeting, feeling like hell on the football pitch, missing the gym or a bike ride because your head is down the toilet, or you simply just can�t get out of bed.

Yeti & The Fox is about living life normally after that good night out. We promote an active lifestyle - not heavy or excessive drinking or drinking more than you normally would. We just want you to feel normal after a good night out.

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Buy on the website and also in bars in London and South East United Kingdom. Yeti & The Fox hopes to soon be available in bars near you.

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