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Zenus Group Limited help Local Traditional MSEs Apply TVP To Take More Profit In Epidemic Period

HONG KONG--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In the 2022-23 budget, the government proposed to set up a Digital Economy Development Committee to develop the digital economy in Hong Kong. The Digital Economy has become more important for enterprises. For the traditional MSEs, if they wish to survive in this competitive business world, they should start to build up a website and online shop.

However, the cost of setting up a website and online shop is a burden in this epidemic period. To reduce the burden, Zenus Group Limited helps them to apply for the Technology Voucher Programme (TVP). It helped to support local enterprises in using technological services and solutions to improve productivity, upgrade or transform their business processes.

TVP subsidizes them to set up a website and online shop so that it can bring a huge benefit for them at low cost. Many traditional MSEs will choose to develop an online shop to reduce manpower and resources and expand online marketing, so website design will affect the company image and the profit amount received from the online shop.

Zenus Group Limited creates professional websites with designers enquiring various website design abilities and knowledge from a website design company. When we were setting up a website, we tried to design the website to become user-friendly to attract the customers to make orders. Besides, a good website design company will also provide a complete system of the online shop to help the enterprises reduce the chance of losing the target customers.

When the visitors are browsing the website, the first impression from visitors will be affected by the website. If the visitors have a bad image for the company, the company will lose the order from tight competition. So that a good website design can help MSEs to bring business opportunities.

Instead of providing an excellent user experience, a good website design can help website visitors easily access and navigate the website. It will be instrumental in transitioning all the brand awareness that the businesses gained during the pandemic towards new conversions and sales. Sides of digital marketing like website development and SEO are essentially long-term strategies. Investing in digital marketing now ensures that in time, the businesses will break out and come out on top of the competition.


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