Zoook Rocker Twinpods True Wireless Premium Bluetooth Earbuds Review – After using it for 2 weeks

I was searching for a affordable wireless earbuds completely free from any wires or neckbands, finally I found Zoook Rocker Twinpods True Wireless Premium Bluetooth Earbuds from Amazon India, as usual I got the delivery in 1 day. Its been more than 2 weeks I am using this Zoook Rocker Twinpods, its really worth the amount I spend on this product. The build quality is top class, it had excellent build quality. I brought this for Rs.5,499/- from Amazon India. With out wasting time let me tell you what I feel about this Zoook Rocker Twinpods.

I always buy products look at its price to value ratio. before buying this product I was bit confused about should I buy it or not. But finally brought it with a little doubt in my mind.

In case of ear phone my first priority is the comfort level which I should get when I wear it for long time. Zoook Rocker Twinpods won that criteria, I don't feel like I had some thing plug-in to my ear unless I start my music. its that light on gives and also gives extreme comfort. So no worries here.

Then comes the Zoook Rocker Twinpods's sound quality. The sound is great. Bass is deep, mids are phenomenal and Treble is also great, all as perfect as I wanted. when it comes to noise cancellation, its top in the class.

Zoook Rocker Twinpods costs just one forth (1/4) of the price of competitors like Apple and Samsung which had similar product in market. But believe me the sound quality is still ahead than both of them, no doubt about it. You have to use it to believe it. Bluetooth pairing is petty easy.

A charging dock is provided with the earphones which can charge earbuds more than 3 times0. Eventually, a fully charged dock can serve up to 16 hours of pods usage. However, the pods can be used up to 5 hours continuously on a single charge. So no worries over here too. You will never run out of charge.

The ZB-Rocker Twinpods comes with three ear tips of different sizes for best fit into ears (Small,Medium and Large). So, no need of worrying about how the ear-pods hooks into your ears. Any ear size can fit this. The price of Zoook Rocker Twinpods is affordable and competitive with other brands in the market. The main advantage is this can work with any kinds Smartphone whether its Android or iPhone.

Only down side which I found is when we attend the call the voice output is only from the left earpods (Left is the main earpod). Stereo effect is only on Music. Even if its not a big issue for call quality.

So no need to think twice,just but it if your budget permits.

You can buy it from Amazon Click here to buy

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