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10 Amazing Android Apps you should not miss

10 Amazing Android AppsHere is the list of few Amazing Android Apps you should try out.


This astonishing camera app lets you take quasi-3D pictures of items or even people, by simply panning the phone. You can then view the 3D effect by tilting the device. The capture process takes a bit of practice to get right, but some stunning images can be achieved, and fine-tuned by adjusting the depth-of-field. You can then share your 'Seenes' with friends or in the public gallery. Google Playstore


Dedicated to providing all the public transport ifo you need to get from A to B, Moovit's most impressive feature is its live-transit view. For certain bus and train services, you can actually see their real time positing on the interactive map as they move along the route. The app also supplies step-by-step trip planning, schedule arrivals and timetables. Google Playstore

3. Facetune (Paid App)

This Photo-editing app can produce some amazing transformations, using similar blemish-removal effects and airbrushing tricks to those employed by fashion magazines. The Reshape tool is particularly impressive, enabling you to stretch and shrink parts of the subject's face, such as widening their smile ans shortening their nose. The results look authentic - so long as you don't overdo it - and the app offers a host of advanced editing tools. Google Playstore

4. 123D Catch

This astounding app enables you to create fully rendered 3D models of everyday objects, simply by taking a series of photos. The capture process includes a helpful on-screen guide for snapping the required images of your item. The app works particularly well with things like sculptures and can even be used to create buildings. While there's no option to edit models within the app to correct any flaws, you can access them from the website and edit them in 3D modelling software on a PC. Google Playstore

5. Jink

Jink makes location sharing amazingly easy. Just send an invite to a contact and, once they accept, both your locations will be shown in real time on the map. Better yet, you can text-chat with each other within the app, your messages appearing in speech bubbles. And when you finally do meet up, Jink automatically swithches off the sharing, for privacy and to save battery usage. Google Playstore

6. Parallels Access

There are a few apps that enable remote access to a Windows PC or Mac, but this one stands out due to its incredible interface that eliminates frustation. While it can show the full desktop, it also offers a grid of app icons for easy launching in full-screen view. Other cool features of this app include quick app/windows switching, magnifying glass, text higlighting and file browser. Google Playstore


1password does what it says on the tin, storing all your passwords in a secure vault with a single master password, so you only have the one to remember. Also stores other sensitive info, including credit cards. It supports TouchID and also works with many third-party apps for automatic login. Best of all, auto-syncing between devices keeps them all up to date. Google Playstore


Broadcast your very own's radio station to the whole world from your phone with Mixlr. You can use it how you want to host a live podcast, play DJ sets, report on a breaking news story or even plug it in your guitar. The live text-chat option enables you to connect directly to your listeners. Broadcasts can also be saved to a showreel and shared via social networks. Google Playstore


This incredible instant messaging app enables users to text-chat to each other even when they have no internet connection or mobile phone coverage! It works using peer-to-peer wireless networking, allowing you to chat with thse nearby- within about 200 feet. However, one caveat is that all conversations are public, so it's probably not a good idea to go revealing any personal information when using the app. Google Playstore


Casting music, video or photos from your device to a TV screen is always a sure-fire way to amaze non-tech-savvy-friends. Where AllCast impresses is in its ability to handle various medi from one app and cast to a whole range of differenr devices - including Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Xbox 360, Roku and various smart TV's. It's a flexible friend. Google Playstore

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