AI Lab One Describes the State of AI Adoption in The Hague, the City of Peace and Justice

AI Lab One provides a comprehensive report about AI trends in the Netherlands and of The Hague�s potential as the AI center of the country.

The Hague, Netherlands, November 20, 2019 --( The Hague AI Ecosystem 2019 is a report that was released by AI Lab One on November 15, 2019. The comprehensive report provides details about artificial intelligence�s indisputable role in optimizing tasks for diverse sectors (i.e. from industrial to governmental). AI Lab One then provides a closer look into artificial intelligence�s minimally discovered potentials in the Netherlands and how that can be exploited further by exploring the current AI ecosystem in the country and specifically in the region of The Hague. This includes the mentioning of local AI usages, challenges, and benefits as well as acknowledging existing key players in the private sector and non-governmental organizations.

�(...) it is important to emphasize the substantial potential of the Netherlands to become an AI leader within Europe. 3% of global AI startups are situated in the Netherlands,� the report states. There is a growing interest for AI in the country, but AI Lab One has noticed a phenomenon in the Netherlands wherein the country is lagging behind its European neighbors in their progress with AI.

The AI community in the Netherlands is currently facing several challenges, the main being the lack of transparency and collaboration between existing key players in the field, deeming the local AI potential unrealized. To combat this main issue, AI Lab One acknowledges in the report several key commercial, governmental, and non-governmental players that already partake in the local AI ecosystem. Another issue is the lack of Data Science specialists on the market, which may be a reflection of the slow academic growth in the field. Meanwhile, there has been a growing interest in students and industries to implement and utilize knowledge related to Data Science. The report is meant to present opportunities related to Data Science within the region by simply acknowledging and connecting one another.

The Hague is experiencing a transformation to becoming the most innovative city in the Netherlands, where exponential technology adoption is growing rapidly. Also known as the administrative capital of the Netherlands, The Hague provides an attractive location to develop the AI community where policies to ensure safe artificial intelligence conducts can be built, implemented, and regulated with agreements from governmental officials and industry experts. The Hague is also the city of Peace and Justice that hosts offices for some of the world�s biggest NGOs, making the region a unique place where governmental, non-governmental, and commercial organizations partner together to innovate.

AI Lab One is an artificial intelligence development and consulting company that aims to empower businesses, society, and government with knowledge about AI and its benefits. The company has hosted initiatives such as the Mothership program; Hackathons for Peace, Justice, and Security; Data Science Days; and Data Science Academy to educate and link specialists and officials to the right opportunities for governmental, societal, and/or startup projects. AI Lab One has also built the biggest AI community in the region, accumulating almost 1000 people interested in the technology.

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