FlipHTML5 Launches a Digital Publishing Platform for Different Types of Publishing

Users can now design and publish various publications such as magazines, catalogs, and brochures from FlipHTML5 digital publishing platform.

Hong Kong, China, November 20, 2019 --( FlipHTML5 is proud to announce the launch of its updated digital publishing platform. The new platform was developed with rich functionality to cater to different types of publishing. FlipHTML5 clients use the platform to create and publish magazines, catalogs, journals, flyers, e-books, brochures, and newsletters to deliver value to audiences across the globe. FlipHTML5 has made it easy for users to create and distribute their projects online. Designed with interactive features, the platform allows users to continually update their projects with new content while retaining classic editions on their digital bookshelves. Readers are treated to a broad range of reading materials that they can access when needed.

The newly launched FlipHTML5 platform allows users 24-hour access to tools that help them create content directly from it. With the creative freedom offered and cloud-based enhancement, people can add plenty of HTML5 interactivities and other rich elements to make their creations more captivating, engaging, and persuasive. Furthermore, it is easy for them to edit, modify, or adjust their publications to suit the requirements of their targeted market.

"We developed our multi-purpose digital publishing platform to allow clients to design their articles from a central place," said Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5. "Our aim is to help them access top-rated tools and save time when they decide to create unique publications for their audiences. Whether it is an e-catalog, a brochure, a magazine, a flyer, or any other digital publication, users have it all in a single platform. The tools are tailored to all types of publications."

FlipHTML5's goal is to empower users to reach a broader audience base through digital publishing. The mobile shopping era is evolving at a fast pace, and a lot of people who shop online look for clients who offer the best shopping experience. It is due to this fact that FlipHTML5 has come up with an improved platform that will make digital publishing, interaction, and transaction an easy process for both clients and their audiences. Armed with the ability to analyze user behavior, users can track user activity and reviews to strategically plan on better ways they can improve their services or products to entice more visitors.

With FlipHTML5, people can design as many publications as possible. Users can store and manage their creations easily from the digital library. This makes it convenient for audiences to download them. Because of the many enhancements offered by the platform, readers can interact with and make transactions directly from the publications. The compatibility with all electronic devices increases the chances of distribution.

About FlipHTML5
FlipHTML5 is one of the most reputable technology companies offering digital publishing software products for its clients. The company strives to provide publishers and enterprises with platforms from which they can design compelling publications for marketing purposes. For more information, please visit

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