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An Open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Dear Prime Minister,

We don't deserve a person like you.Major portion of the country's population is not valuing your work. You work for more than 16 hours a day.. Sacrificing your sleep for the betterment of this country.. But you will never receive appreciation for the same. You will still be blamed for small silly issues.. These people can handover the nation to one family for 60 years but won't give you 5 peaceful years to work.

The reason being, this country is full of fake pseudo intellectuals, hungry and lazy humans. They might not able to run their small family of 4 people.. But will definitely advise you on how you should run this nation. Waah!(applaud)

People are dying to take revenge from you as if you have done the world's most dangerous crime of becoming our Prime Minister. See the Bihar results.. They have chosen 8,9 and 12th standard passed/failed candidates.. But not the ones who represented you. Why? I've heard people saying "agar aaj election ho..toh Modi haar jayenge".. Why? Even after working so hard for the betterment of your beloved nation.. How can one listen to all this for a person of your stature!

They are just not able to accept the fact that our country is empowering itself.. Country is progressing in every way.. No.. They don't want all this.. All they want is Toor Daal @ 1/- per kg and onions for free. Trust me, try doing this and see where you reach!! They are accustomed to the corruption in this country and they can't digest the slow and positive change the country is going through.

I'm saddened but sure.. We won't be able to see you in 2019 because they will elect some Pappu G to run this country who apparently cannot run for a marathon!
People can become slaves of the person who provides Daal chawal and potatoes for free.. And we get to know this from our history. Nobody wants to change.. But everyone wants a change.

People having smartphones in hand with 3G packages.. Talk about the so called " badhti mehangayi"!! Like seriously? They use a 297 recharge for a 3G plan.. And they are affected by the increase in price of Toor daal? Like really??

Sir, you have been stated in the top 10 powerful personalities of the world.. But it just doesn't matter to them. Majority of people are deaf and blind.

You should be relaxing at this age.. And enjoying life.. Your hard work.. Commitment and dedication have no value here..

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