Android One Project failed in India, Google planning to avoid this failure in Ver 2.0

Android One ProjectGoogle launched Android One project in India last year with a big bang. Google was targeting entry-level users of the emerging Indian Market. For this project Google had also had partnered with three well-know low to mid-range Mobile manufactures such as Karbonn, Micromax and Spice, Still Android One failed in India. They didn't sell well and most of the major retailers even refused to stock them. Finally the project was 100% failure.

There are many reasons for the failure. There was nothing special what Android One Offered to users, its all the same specification phones which was already there in Market. There was nothing special about the Price also. Google also learned as of now Software is never a selling point at-least in India. This was one of the highlights of Android One Project phones, Faster Android update for all Android One Project Phones.

Some reports have been pointing at Google making a comeback with the next version of Android One with Lava. This is one of the reasons why new India-born CEO Sundar Pichai is here. Here�s what Google could avoid to ensure that Android version 2.0 manages to make a mark in India�s fierce mobile world.

Android Ver 2.0: Focus on hardware, software can�t be the selling point
Earlier, Google launched three phones namely, Spice Android One Dream, Karbonn Sparkle V, and Micromax Canvas A1. Interestingly, due to Google�s list of rules, all three had the same low-end specs. The only differentiating factor was the brand name. Yes, they were almost identical in specs, and all you had to do is decide which brand you prefer. The hardware requirements were a small list of approved processors, cameras and other components. While reports have already been pointing out at this, it would be nice if Google went ahead and brought some lax to its rules. This will help the companies bring in better specs at affordable prices and eventually help compete with the likes of Xiaomi.

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