Microsoft working on a patch for sleep issue on Surface Pro 4 by early 2016

Surface Pro 4Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is yet to launch in India, they are planning to launch it in early 2016, Microsoft Indian fans can be happy about this news, which Microsoft is planning to rectify the Sleep issue in Surface Pro 4. So before it gets launched in India, Microsoft will Solve this bug. As with every new early adopter that reaches out for the newest chipsets, come the issues with optimisations and Microsoft by utilising Intel�s latest Skylake chips, seems to have plenty of them. Still then, the most hated one is the �standby� battery life bug that drains the Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book�s battery rather quickly.

And after 31 pages of complaints on its official Surface forums, Microsoft finally decided to give its Surface users an answer. The problem as expected was to do with Microsoft�s move to utilise the latest Intel Skylake silicon. A Microsoft team member commented, stating that the development team is aware of the issue that not just drains batteries quicker but also makes the device warmer than usual when packed into a backpack.

The problem lies with putting the new Intel Skylake chips into a deep sleep, or rather one that is not deep enough. This results into a sleep state wherein the processor keeps waking up during wake events where it would normally sleep through them. The results are depleted batteries that would barely last 4 hours or so.

The Microsoft representative did give a temporary solution, �One of the ways that you can improve the situation right away is to make sure you don�t have web sites open that are actively streaming when you close cover or put the device to sleep. Especially if you have a website open that uses sound. This will keep the PLM service running.�

Else you could also head into Power Options and then System Settings and then stick to �Hibernate� instead of �Sleep� to deliver better standby times.

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