Govt will take stern steps to address the Mobile call drop issue: Telecom Minister

Mobile call drop issueAll Private telecom companies want to increase their customer base, but none of them care about improving their services. This is really a bad practice. Govt is planning �stern� steps to address the menace of mobile call dropping.

Communications Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said private telecom companies have been asked to improve the infrastructure and the government is monitoring it.

After the issue was raised by Naresh Agrawal (SP) during Zero Hour, Prasad said he shared the concern of the member and Parliament over the problem.

�I understand the concern raised by the member on the issue and Parliament�s concern. I and my government have taken this issue very seriously�I am concerned over the issue and we are rectifying it. For last two-three years, the issue was not taken seriously. I want to assure you that the effective steps taken now by me have never been taken earlier,� he said.

�I am a strong minister and will take more stern steps to improve the services,� he said

Of the total 18 lakh mobile towers of private companies across the country, a survey has found 35,000 towers to be faulty, the Minister said.

�While 20,000 such towers have been rectified, still 15,000 faulty towers are to be set right. My department is monitoring it and have been asking private companies for investing and improving the infrastructure,� he said

He said due to government�s efforts and pressure in the last three months, private mobile companies have installed 14,000 new towers and in Delhi alone 700 new mobile towers have come up. A new tower is being installed in the Parliament annexe and library building, he said, adding that his department is monitoring it.

Agrawal also sought a thorough discussion on the issue to end �consumer exploitation�, to which the Minister responded positively saying he was ready for one.

Hope Govt plan will improve the Mobile Service Provider's services in India.

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