Astonishingly Talented Canadian Performer Tate McRae Stars in ‘Lalaloopsy: Band Together’

Astonishingly Talented Canadian Performer Tate McRae Stars in 'Lalaloopsy: Band Together'

Triple threat Tate McRae stars as Spot Splatter Splash in the recently released "Lalaloopsy: Band Together" video!

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Online PR News – 05-January-2016 – Tate McRae, a striking Canadian performer who's overflowing talent has landed her leading roles as an actress, dancer and singer in the film and television industry, took on the starring role of Spot Splatter Splash in the "Lalaloopsy: Band Together" video, which was released in August.

Directed by Primetime Emmy nominee Roy Allen Smith ("Family Guy," "Land Before" "Silver Surfer") and Melissa Suber ("Lalaloopsy"), the "Lalaloopsy: Band Together" video follows Spot Splatter Splash played by McRae, Jewel Sparkles played by Selia Sangra, Keys Sharps 'N' Flats played by Sofia Tchernetsky and Dot Starlight played by Marissa Tawiah, as they band together to turn Keys' dreams of being a pop star into a reality and help her form the band The Buttonettes.

Like the "Lalaloopsy" TV series, which airs on Nickelodeon, the new video features several catchy songs and far-out adventures as these lovable characters prove that musical dreams really do come true!

As Strings Pick 'N' Strum, Sticks Boom Crash and Keys Sharps 'N' Flats embark on their first music tour as The Buttonettes, McRae's character Spot creates musical art pieces that infuse the video with the wondrous creativity she is known for, while Dot discovers a new musical galaxy.

"'Band Together' was a really fun video to record Spot has always been a really fun character to play. Shes always joyful and happy, so it's always a great time recording in the studio no matter what episode or video," explains McRae. "When the scripts are long, you spend quite a bit of time in the studio, so you really get to get into your character well and explore the story Sometimes the topics and storylines are super crazy!"

Aside from starring as Spot in the new video and the "Lalaloopsy" TV series, McRae also brought Spot to life in the film "Lalaloopsy Ponies: The Big Show" and Princess Nutmeg in the "Lala-Oopsies: A Sew Magical Tale" video.

She also played Holly Sleighbells, the most festive Lalaloopsy character in the series, with the episode "A Jolly Holly Holiday" focusing on her character as she tries to find a way to deliver gifts to everyone in Lalaloopsy land. In addition to being an energetic performer as an actress on the show, McRae has also had the opportunity to showcase her inimitable singing talent through her character Holly, as well as Harmony in the Nintendo DS game, Lalaloopsy: Carnival of Friends.

With the incredible success McRae has received across platforms over the last few years it is not surprising that producers are lining up to attach the young performer to their productions.

Film editor, producer, choreographer and professional dancer Sarah Brinson, who's appeared on the series "So You Think You Can Dance," " Once Upon A Mattress" and "Once Upon a Time," explains, "I've had the opportunity to work with thousands of young artists through the US and Canada and have found working with Tate to be enjoyable, inspiring, and unlike any other experience; she is absolutely exceptional in every way. Not only is she talented and extremely gifted in the areas of drama, music, and movement but her commitment, heartfelt passion, and dedication to the craft of art and performance is far beyond her years."

Sarah and partner J. Alex Brinson, who is known for his work as the producer of "Behind the Silence" and "High Hello" as well as for his roles in the film "The Advocate" and the series "Supernatural" and "iZombie," are two individuals who have big plans for the young star.

They explain, "We envision bringing Tate on to perform two musical numbers as the lead role of "Susie" in 'Susie Town' that will be released and marketed alongside the children's publication. Upon securing a development deal we'd like to give Tate 'first right of refusal' for the same role of the Coal Harbour Picture's animated television series production. We might also create a music video for one of the tunes with her; animated and/or live action."

Aside from the Brinsons, McRae has also caught the attention of internationally esteemed choreographer and professional dancer, Blake McGrath, who choreographed the contemporary dance routine McRae performed in the music video for the Canadian band Walk Off The Earth's hit song "Rule The World," which currently has over 500,000 views on YouTube.

McGrath, who is known for his roles on the series "Dance Moms," MTV's "Dancelife" and as the lead choreographer and alternating judge on the first season of the series "So You Think You Can Dance Canada," says, "Tate McRae is talented way beyond her years in every form of the arts. She is one of the best dancers I have ever worked with and I will use her for many projects as well as an assistant for years to come!"

McRae has assisted McGrath on multiple occasions including the VIP Dance Convention in 2014 and 2015, and she is slated to assist him again at the 2016 VIP Dance Convention.


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