Atrial Fibrillation: A very common cardiac problem

Atrial Fibrillation is a very common cardiac problem all over the world. It is not a serious disease but scares when you get it due to the high and erratic heart beats.

I am having Atrial Fibrillation since 2005. In this case the palpitation goes high and erratic. I did RF Ablation in 2006 and again in 2012. But last year I started getting Atrial Fibrillation. Consulted my cardiologist Dr. Yash Lokhandwala who advised cardio-vision. It was in March 2017. It was done at Holy Family Hospital in Mumbai. I was fine till April but AF started again in April.

Since I was in Dubai, got ECG done by Dr. Kishore Nimkhedkar which was abnormal. Sent to Dr. Yash for his advise. He advised one more cardio-vision or RF Ablation again. Asked me to get admitted in Holy Family Hospital in Bandra on 4th June.

During this period I saw a video clip sent by a friend on whatsapp regarding research on heart disease of pilgrims who go to Pandharpur reciting "Viththal Viththal Jay Hari Viththal." When they start their journey many of them are not fit to travel due to heart problems. They are even advised by Doctors not to travel due to their bad heart condition. But they travel to Pandharpur of foot walking over 200 km one way. But when they come back they are very healthy and heart is normal. It was like a miracle for their Doctors.

One research institute in Pune started working on this to find the reason. After two years of investigation they zeroed down on their reciting VITHTHAL. The word THTHA vibrates your heart. To verify this they did tests on 25 heart patients with various problems for 15 days. They were asked to recite VITHTHAL VITHTHAL words for 10 minutes in a quite place every day. And they were shocked to find the results just after 10 days.

All 25 patients showed excellent improvement. The most improved patients were of high BP and erratic palpitation that is Atrial Fibrillation. I started doing this from 15th May. I did not get time to take ECG before coming to Mumbai for heart treatments. I got admitted on 4th June. All arrangements were done for surgical ICU. On 5th morning when Cardiologist Doctor Yash checked me, he was surprised to see I am totally normal. He checked again to confirm.

He asked me if I took any treatment in Dubai. I said no but told him about Viththal recitation. To confirm he ordered Holter Test which is monitoring your heart 24 hours. That came absolutely clear and he discharged me from hospital immediately.

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