Bharat Electronics Uses E-Lock�s Signing Solution to Digitally Sign POs and Other Documents

Today more and more private and government organizations are transitioning into electronic environments to save time, costs and improve efficiency. Digital signature solutions help them to take their processes online while improving security and authenticity of documents.

Pune, India, July 05, 2019 --( Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) is an aerospace and defence company owned by the Indian government. BEL was generating Purchase Orders (POs) through their systems and printing and signing them manually before distributing it to their vendors / contractors. This process involved a lot of time and effort. BEL wanted to reduce time and cost involved in this process and sign and circulate the POs in a secure way.

This was accomplished with E-Lock�s desktop based digital signing software called PDFeSigner. PDFeSigner is installed on the employees machine across BEL and the signatories are able to digitally sign all the POs using their digital certificates in USB tokens and email them to the vendors / contractors in one go. The signed files can be viewed and verified using Adobe Reader without having the need of any other verification utility. This solution streamlines their business processes, reduces expenses and efforts, expedites delivery cycles and improves efficiency.

About E-Lock:
E-Lock is a pioneer and global provider of PKI based digital signature solutions that helps secure business processes. It has provided solutions to several government and private organisations across the globe. It provides a wide range of customizable solutions to individuals and businesses consisting of desktop based, server based, cloud based solutions as well as components that can integrate with any existing or new application. E-Lock�s digital signature solutions are legally acceptable in most of the countries that have electronic signature laws or allow electronic signing.

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