Bitcoin is rising and likely to replace gold

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In the middle of August, about 20,000
short positions increased but only 3487 speculative long positions increased
for COMEX gold futures, which is the first instance where the net long position
for gold has changed into net short position ever since 2001. As a preferred
choice for hedging, gold always enjoys an unshakable position. The above data
shows that the rising of a new power represented by the digital currency like
bitcoin poses a threat to the old power represented by gold.

Even in
the bear market in 2018, the transaction volume of bitcoin exceeds that of
gold. Digital currency derivatives and financial services bring in an emerging
market valued at hundreds of trillions of dollars. Meanwhile, Mars Digital
Asset Bank launches diversified digital asset financing products including
fixed/variable term financing, private banking, pledge financing, miner
financing, digital insurance, and contracts for difference.
As a leading player, Mars Digital Asset Bank is expected to have over 300,000
registered users, accumulated business scale of USD 1.5 billion and total
profit of USD 18.65 million by the end of 2018. With the upgrade of the
blockchain technology, Mars Digital Asset Bank will embrace more new business
models and enjoy rapid development.

response to capital requirements on technical security, global promotion, team
building, license applying and provisions for banking turnover, Mars Digital
Asset Bank plans to raise USD 9.5 million by releasing 8% of its total shares
in the first phase of offering.

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