Opportunity or bubble, digital currency market valued at hundreds of billions of dollars

HONG KONG,�CHINA�-�Media OutReach�-�28 September�2018�-�Benefited from the blockchain consensus
mechanism, the digital currency market realized an explosive growth in 2017,
with its total market value surpassing USD 800 billion, the accumulated annual
growth rate exceeding 3000%. However, 2018 saw the declining trend of digital
asset market, with its total market value plummeting below USD 220 billion.
Such a dramatic change brings the question: Is this huge market an opportunity
or a bubble?

of finance lies in circulation based on credit. The blockchain technology
featuring decentralization, traceability, non-alteration and openness is
conducive to building a low-cost credit mechanism. The emerging finance market
based on digital currency is booming.

As one major business of BihuEx Fund
and backed by 500,000 BihuEx users, the registered users of Mars Digital Asset
Bank are expected to exceed 300,000 by the end of 2018, with its business scale
surpassing USD1.5 billion and profits up to USD18.65 million. To speed up its
development and meet capital requirements on technical security, global
promotion, team building, license applying and provisions for banking turnover,
Mars Digital Asset Bank plans to raise USD 9.5 million by releasing 8% of its
total shares in the first phase of offering.

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