Cordata Association Successfully Recruits 17 Enterprise Members Since Official Launch In October

SWITZERLAND - Media OutReach -
4 November 2020 - Swiss Cordata
Association, a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2019 and based in Zug
Switzerland, announced on 4 November that it has successfully recruited 17
enterprise members since its official launch on 23 October 2020, plus over 3000
regular members.

Most of these enterprise members are global
corporations in Europe and Asia from the information technology and finance sectors.
Singapore Capital Ignite group is one of these corporations, who will bring
with them resources and talents to the Cordata Association to help grow its
member ecosystems, said Mr Ayson from Capital Ignite.

The first BDE-BPOS election was completed
successfully on the 24 October,2020 where a total of 15 global validating nodes
participated with more than 20 million valid votes counted. They will form part
of the governing committee of the ecosystem.

Another enterprise member, Mr Mak from
Indonesia commented that he is keen to participate in helping to develop this
unique cross-chain ecosystem that he believes is the future of the industry.

BDE (Bridge Digital Economy) is a cross-chain
system which is based on the MBPOS-PBFT consensus protocol. BDE aims to bridge
not just information but also traffic flow between the currently isolated
communities of various industrial and business ecosystems, via a unique
first-of-its-kind heterogenous bonded staking protocol.

For more information please refer to is
official website

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