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eDesk HUB provides vetted & verified references & reviews on high quality Web & Mobile Application Development & Design companies with diverse experience.
eDesk HUB use online and offline initiatives to acquire qualitative and quantitative data to determine companies� abilities & focus areas. Their goal is to make it easy for business consumers who are looking to hire Web & Mobile Application Development & Design services, and to help businesses increase their productivity and efficiency.

Sharq, Kuwait, April 30, 2017 --( eDesk HUB is a new research and review platform for the Middle East Market that provides an efficient way for companies to look for experienced and skilled service providers.

According to a survey conducted by eDesk HUB, the Middle East market is rapidly expanding and growing in the realm of IT. There is a growing need for vetted and verified companies who can carry out project tasks more efficiently as compared to local firms.

eDesk HUB assures businesses, access to top-notch mobile and web application developers and designers for their IT projects. It closely examines and assesses IT companies with the help of key industry metrics, discovers their reputation and quality standards and reveals the best search results. Companies like web development, mobile app development, SEO and digital marketing are there in the database.

In today�s rapidly evolving world of IT, online presence is a vital part of a business�s marketing and promotion efforts. An efficient online presence can give a good perception of the company in the mind of current and prospective customers. For this, a company needs a valued business partner that can match their perception and business objective.

eDesk HUB has designed a platform that will bridge the gap between business in need of capable web development company and information that will help them choose the best partner. The platform has been established to facilitate companies and service providers to connect by listing the providers based in particular location irrespective of the services that they are offering. Moreover, based on the data that companies provide and researched, reviewed and collated by the eDesk HUB team and other various metrics (such as quality, speed, cost etc.), providers will be able to register and get listed.

One of the major criteria for assessing the provider profile is their experience with clients in the similar industry. How many clients has the company worked with in the past and what was the quality of work that they delivered, is a critical factor. A company spokesperson revealed that eDesk HUB will use the opinion and feedback of the client and share it on the provider profile.

An unsuitable match between a client and an IT firm can be the costly mistake. Several industry types of research show evidence that when we talk about outsourcing, finding a reliable partner is difficult and time-consuming. eDesk HUB will resolve this problem by serving the role of a reliable and credible platform that provides useful and comprehensive details about service providers and their skillset.

With eDesk HUB, companies will be updated about the desired standards that they are looking for and in the process build outstanding projects. Hence, it makes sense to know about a company�s capability and technical expertise. eDesk HUB achieves that by checking the service provider background and their proficiency.

eDesk HUB focuses on the IT industry in the Middle East that is on a lookout for vetted and verified professionals who can deliver deadline driven, complex projects with high quality. Start-ups, enterprises, and SMBs can find, hire and review expert talent from across the Asian geography. eDesk HUB aims to grow and dominate the Middle East IT market space providing reviews for verified service providers.

Chairman and Founder Mr. Hamad Almuraikhi wishes to project eDesk HUB as a research-based platform that helps companies to filter the best talent for their complex IT projects. He says, �The stop watch is on, we cannot rewind, so choices have to be evaluated efficiently and carefully.� In line with this thought, sponsored subscription is available only to quality service providers that have been referenced and recommended by clients.

About eDesk HUB

eDesk HUB closely examines IT firms and digital marketing companies on the basis of key industry metrics, discover their reputation and quality standards and give out the best search results. For more information, please visit

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