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Everyone must wash hands with soap after visiting toilet: Modi

If Modi says that after visiting toilet everyone must wash hands with soap.

What would the opposition leaders say.

Kejriwal– Modi has taken money from the soap manufacturing companies .

Rahul Gandhi– Modi wants the poor people to spend their money to wash their hands for his own” SWACHH BHARAT” scheme.

Owaisi-* I will not wash hands as it is not written in the constitution . Even if you keep knife in my neck I will not wash.

Mayawati. Dalit should get free soap and reservation once a week to wash their hands.

Kapil Sibal– My toilet, my shit, my hands why should I wash my hands ?

Mulayam– As long as I am there, people of U.P. need not wash their hands.

Giriraj– Those who don’t want to wash they should go to Pakistan.

Last but the best:

And Mamata Banarjee – Conspiracy to close all hospitals.


Note: This is a Satire Article.

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