Get Ready for Windows 10 for your Xiaomi Mi4 4G version

windows10 on mi41Bored of Android? Then here come the Official Windows 10 for your Xiaomi Mi4

Bin Lin - VP of Xiaomi posted on Weibo that Windows 10 for Mi 4 4G will be released on Dec 3 2015.

Xiaomi Mi4 4G version will be the first android phone to get Official Windows 10. This Version of Windows 10 can be used only on 4G Version of Mi4 not on 3G Version.

In Windows 10, you can easily customize the launcher background and make it look as you prefer. While you're customizing your desktop background, the corresponding "icon" will change to transparent. Overall it looks more natural and cool.

Windows 10 on Xiaomi Mi4 4G version Review

It has no limitation on sliding which direction and you may slide left or right or either way on desktop.
Slide to the left, you will find that you're entering a more detailed lists interface. It's covering
all mobile applications, settings, you may long press to add in any apps or functions to desktop
and it is very convenient. All apps are listed in order by alphabetical, the search function is also
available at upper left side and you will find any apps you have installed even there are tons of them.

If you slide down on top of any system interface, you will entering Windows 10 notification panel. It show a row of notification toggle and you may customize "Wifi", "Brightness", "Bluetooth" and others quickly. Slide down notification panel and it will show up ongoing events and also notification message if you have any.

Apart from basic features, Windows 10 also supports personalization feature. You can simply
edit any lock screen/launcher wallpaper, desktop "Icon" layout size, transparency and you even have
authority to edit system text color, overall color tone with "Light" and "Dark" selection.

Apart from all, Microsoft highlights this awesome feature --Microsoft�s personal digital assistant
Cortana comes to PC and mobile, for the first time with Windows 10. In the real experience
with Cortana, "It" really help on our daily tasks, It help us to check every information needed
and it can even chatting with us. Interaction is natural and easy via talking or typing, Cortana
is different from other intelligent personal assistant, it has smooth pronunciation
and sounds more human.

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