Google planning to provide telephone service with Fiber phone.

Google Fiber PhoneAfter successful implimentation of hi-speed Internet, Now Google is looking to provide telephone services with Fiber Phone. Google call it Google Fiber Phone.

Washington Post has reported some of Google’s high-speed Internet subscribers receive invitations to the experimental telephone service. According to the report, the service is similar to Google Voice where the application will let users link all their telephones — landline and mobile devices to a single phone number. The report adds that Fiber Phone comes with other Google Voice features too, such as voicemail transcriptions and automatic call screening based on time of day.

Currently available to members of the Google Fiber Trusted Tester program, if it rolls out to a wider audience the Internet giant is well poised to take out the cable industry with a triple whammy of broadband, television and telephony services, finds The Washington Post.

But we Indians can’t hope for these service from Google in India. There are lots of regulatory issues for this service in India. So Google will never try to launch this service in India.

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