How To Clip Into A Spin Bike

A spin bike is a piece of impressive fitness equipment that everyone who wants to get into indoor exercise should get. Spin bikes provide the workouts bicycles give, except it’s in the comfort of your home. Using a spin bike requires a lot of concentration. Your feet constantly slipping from the pedal of your spin bike can be very frustrating. Luckily, you can clip into the pedals of your spin bike. Once you clip into your spin bike, your feet will be stable on the pedal. You will enjoy your workout more when you are clipped into your spin bike. Continue reading this article to know how to clip into your spin bike.

Put On The Bike Shoes And Sit On The Bike
Before you clip into your spin bike, you need to make sure you wear bike shoes. If you don’t have biking shoes now, you need to work on getting some. Biking shoes have stiff soles that help you in pedaling better. With biking shoes, you will be able to pedal faster than you ever have, and this will result in increased productivity. After a long day of pedaling, your feet will most likely be sore and ache. Bike shoes protect your feet from the pain of a day of pedaling. Bike shoes have a lot of benefits, and these are just some. Once you have your bike shoes and are sitting on your spin bike, you can move on to step two.

Place your foot on the pedal, move the back of your foot down, your foot forward towards the front of the bike
The title is probably a bit confusing, but don’t worry, it will be broken down. You will need to get biking shoes that come with cleats. Cleats are clips that enable riders to attach their shoes to anything with a pedal. When you get your biking shoes, you should get one with cleats. When you want to get your biking shoes with cleats, it should be cleats that are compatible with your spin bike’s pedals.  Once you have biking shoes with cleats, you can now place your feet on the pedal. You will place your feet forward to the pedal and then move the back of your feet downwards. 

Listen for a click, and then repeat the process
The placement of your feet will require trial and error, and not everyone will get it on the first try. The sign you should look out for to know you are clipped in is a clicking sound. It is advisable to do with one foot first. It is better to try and clip in one foot and leave the second one because you will be able to focus better. Once you’ve placed the front of your feet forward and the back of your feet down on the pedal, you should look out for a clicking sound. Once you get the clicking sound on one foot, you should look out for it on the second foot.
Clipping into your spin bike will greatly improve your spin bike experience. The best part is that it’s easy to clip into your spin bike. Get the right biking shoes and cleats that go with your spin bike’s pedals. Follow the tips in this article, and you’ll be clipped into your spin bike in no time.

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