How To Hit A Five Iron

The five iron is an important club that should be in your bag while going to play golf. There are different types of clubs used by golf players nowadays but the traditional five iron is still a favorite for most players. The five iron is popular for hitting long approach shots and other different shots and this is the reason that it is important for a player to know how to properly hit the ball while using the five iron. The player needs to be comfortable using the five iron to take more clear strike and swing to gain good results. Every player needs to follow the below steps for the effective use of five iron.

Practice hitting the ball at a close target

Before taking long and distant shots with the TaylorMade irons, you should start by hitting the ball at a close target. You need to use the five iron lightly by playing light shots at a close distance from the hole. You cannot expect a higher accuracy if you directly go for a shot far distant from the hole. Hence, you need to practice from a shorter distance and then move on to getting further and further from the hole and taking shots with the five iron. You will slowly get better in hitting the ball at longer distances from the hole if you keep on practicing in this way.

Focus on hitting the ball like any other club

Five irons are different than usual clubs but you should use them like any other club to become better in the game. The five iron has a club head and this club head will do the lifting for you while you only have to hit the ball. You should spend time practicing on the five iron on the driving range as most of the golf players will use the five iron multiple times to practice within one round. Practicing your swing on it like on any other club will prove to be beneficial. Most golf players will try to curve their clubs and this task can be accomplished easily with a five iron.�

Vary the position of the ball relative to your feet

While practicing with the five iron, you should vary the position of the ball relative to your feet so that you can find the position that feels most natural and hits the best. Many golfers try to play with the five iron by taking a ball position in the middle of their stance. It is not the right position and it certainly makes it difficult to lift the ball from the ground. Hence, choosing a proper ball position is necessary. An appropriate position while playing with the five iron is closer to the left foot and this particular position certainly proves advantageous to the player. You can practice more and will be able to find the perfect ball position that suits you, feels natural, and hits the ball in the best way.


Keep playing with the five iron and you will certainly benefit by excelling in the game. Then, the five iron will become a permanent part of your golf bag.

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