Let’s Join Kalyan Doctor Army and save this nation from Coronavirus Pandemic

1. Isolation hospital of KDMC is at Neon Hospital (located along Shil phata road - 40 bedded with 12 bedded ICCU). 22 staff available. Hospital is owned by Dr Milind Shinde and Dr Sushil Dubey. All positive cases with severe symptoms will be admitted here.

2. Quarantine hospital of KDMC is at Shastrinagar hospital , Dombivali. It is 100 bedded hospital. This will accommodate asymptomatic positive cases.

3. 2nd isolation hospital of KDMC is R.R. Hospital Dombivali. It is 60 bedded hospital. If Neon hospital is full, this will be used to treat symptomatic positive cases.

4. 3rd isolation hospital of KDMC is Railway Hospital, Kalyan. It is 60 bedded hospital. If above isolation hospitals are full, this will be used.

5. A novel concept of Fever OPD will start in one or two days by KDMC. The OPD will cater only patients with fever, cough, sore throat and cold. Fever OPD will start at all 8 health posts of Kalyan. Kalyan doctor army will work at all 8 health posts. PPE kit, N 95 mask, Gloves and sanitizers will be provided without fail to all doctors on daily basis. One ambulance will be recruited for each OPD to carry suspected patient to Rukhminibai hospital, from where it will be referred to above hospitals by CMO. The timing will be 9.00 am to 1.00 am.
All clinicians please note patients with non-covid symptoms should be seen in your private clinics or hospitals. No fever patients should be seen by the private practitioners, it should be referred to Fever OPD.
Common man will be made aware about Fever OPD by KDMC via rickshaw announcements/ local cable/ Social media.

6. Coronavirus testing facility will be started at Shastrinagar hospital, Dombivali by Krishna Diagnostic center which will provide other pathology facilities also.

7. Safety measures combo (PPE kit, N 95 mask, Gloves) will be provided to all healthcare providers working in all above hospitals and fever OPD.

8. Transport facility by KDMT will be increased for all workers of COVID 19. Buses timings are planned according to 3 working shifts.

9. Municipal commissioner has requested all doctors, nursing staff, ward boys of private hospitals to help Municipal Corporation in this dire situation. Private hospitals are been requested to provide data of all nursing staff to IMA Kalyan office bearers by tomorrow morning till 11.30 am. All private healthcare providers will be properly paid as per government norms. Doctors of all medical Associations of Kalyan and Dombivali should give their services compulsorily under Epidemic Act. Maharashtra government is in process of providing Insurance to doctors and paramedics.

10. Proper disposal of dead bodies of COVID patients will be done by using yellow coffin bag and electric cremation at Lal Chowki cremation center.

11. Private day care clinics should be kept open to see only non fever patients. They can choose their working hours and should display it on their clinics doors or shutters for people information and for police. If particular clinic is found closed, FIR will be filed under Epidemic Act by Municipal authorities.

12. Private hospital to provide ventilators to all isolation hospitals of KDMC by tomorrow.

We at office level try to safeguards our members priorities first while helping our government and society. Government can take tough decisions under Epidemic Act. But we are trying to help you all.

Let's Join Kalyan Doctor Army and save this nation from Coronavirus Pandemic.

From today, doctors of all medical Associations will work under one name

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