Is Maida really bad for health? Is it a slow poison?

Spoonful wheat flour

Maida or Refined flour is a very close member of our ingredients used in kitchen. Mostly of us use Refined flour to most of the foods as it gives a better texture to the product.

Maida has a high GI (Glycaemic Index), it releases sugar into the bloodstream quickly. To match up with the sugar spike, pancreas has to over work to release insulin in sufficient quantity to match up with sugar. Which over a period of time, with prolonged consumption of processed and refined food, causes inflammation, insulin resistance and eventually type II diabetes.� Once in a while pancreas can manage but if you are using maida frequently then the insulin production will gradually reduce, finally making you a diabetic.

Maida is originally yellowish in color, it is bleached with Benzoyl Peroxide to make it white, Benzoyl Peroxide is banned in China and the European Union including the UK. So you can imaging how harmful Benzoyl Peroxide will be.

Maida is a slow poison. Maida is a very harmful food product used in baked foods. Maida is a wheat derived product. The wheat bran (Fiber and vitamin rich seed coat) is separated from the endosperm of the seed. This endosperm is actually brown in color and extremely rich in starch. If this is used directly, we can consider it to be equivalent to sugar.

Any processed thing is unhealthy plus it keeps on sticking in the tubes of intestine which makes it difficult for the intestine to digest which results into severe stomach aches. Consuming more Maida will also leads to weight gain.

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