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Modi and his Demonetisation and GST: GDP explained using simple example

Modi, Demonetisation, GST and Outrage by some people using excuse of one quarters GDP explained using simple example :

Imagine a college which externally has high pass percentages but internally is notorious for cheating and poor quality of education.

Teachers help students cheat in exam,students get High marks & trustees are able to mint money by showcasing high pass percentages of students. The only sufferer is the society in which these students go and work eventually.

A strict & principled headmaster takes over one fine day.

He finds that most of the students cheat during the examination with the support of the teachers and do quite well in exams.

The result of the college has been always more than 90% in recent years.

He decides to totally eliminate cheating from the examination. Installs CCTV cameras in all examination halls and take actions against the students and the teachers who are found engaged in cheating.

The result is that cheating is totally stopped in examinations.

However, the performance of college dips drastically and less than 50% students pass. This has been a bad performance in recent times.

You now face flak from all sides in college.

Students are angry because they failed due to your strictness.

Teachers are angry because their track record got spoiled because of you.

Trustees of college are angry because the result of their college has taken a beating under your charge.

This is what is happening in India right now.
But someone had to cleanup the mess!!

But remember once the students get used to the short term pain of not cheating - then it'll fundamentally change the quality of the college. The biggest beneficiary will be the society in which these high quality students work.

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