New Release – Systancia Cleanroom 4: The Only Privileged Access Management Solution Providing Clean-Room Administration Workstations

Systancia, the French champion in cybersecurity, virtualization and identity management, introduces Systancia Cleanroom 4, the only PAM (Privileged Access Management) solution combining virtualization and cybersecurity. This major update of Systancia�s core solution for securing IT administrators� workstations offers several levels of service and deployment. It meets all the needs of privileged users, by using the surveillance, authentication and administration workstations management features.

Sausheim, France, October 04, 2019 --( Modernize security standards to counter the most sophisticated attacks.

The missions of IT administrators are strategic for all organizations and for the security of their data. Yet many of them do not have solutions to protect them from the ever-increasing and sophisticated attacks from hackers seeking to steal vital information or attack production systems. According to the insurance company Hiscox, during the first half of 2019, 69% of French companies had been victims of cyber-attacks. This figure shows that the cybersecurity solutions used by organizations rarely meet the challenges and needs of companies.

Systancia proposes to transform administration workstations by providing a sterile and single-use environment in order to counter potential threats on a daily basis. With the 4th version of Cleanroom, Systancia makes its PAM offer evolve in order to meet all the administrators� needs, in terms of:
- mobility: because an administrator must be able to take his administration applications with him, wherever he is, without losing control and security;
- durability: because an IT manager must be able to guarantee the security of access to all system administration applications, whether current or future;
- dedicated workstation: because an administration workstation should only be used for administration and not for other tasks.

Multiple service levels and deployment options to meet all your requirements

- Cleanroom Session (formerly IPdiva Safe) is designed for organizations whose main challenge is to protect their information systems. The solution perfectly meets their needs thanks to its permission management, password rotation and video recording functionalities.

- Cleanroom Desk (formerly IPdiva Cleanroom) is dedicated to companies and organizations that need to transform their administration workstations into tactical tools. This solution allows their administrators to take all their administration applications with them, in a secure way, with the same functionalities as if they were at the office. It also provides them with administration workstation management features and advanced authentication management mechanisms to administration applications to offer IT network security managers an additional level of security.

- The �Extranet access� option also guarantees the security of remote administrator access. Outsourced operators, home working or mobile administrators, it is necessary to offer them ultra-secure access to their virtual administration workstations whether they are within their company or on the move.

Cloud offerings hosted by Systancia allow organizations to no longer have to worry about their infrastructures. They can use the solutions most adapted to their needs and benefit from the most recent updates, and thus fully dedicate themselves to securing administration workstations.

Systancia offers the following services: Cleanroom Starter Service which provides access to PAM for poorly equipped organizations. Cleanroom Session and Cleanroom Desk are available as software products managed by the company or via cloud services managed directly by Systancia in a private cloud (Cleanroom Session Private and Cleanroom Desk Private).

Systancia Cleanroom Desk, the operational PAM solution that aims to meet the highest levels of ANSSI requirements

Cleanroom Desk includes mechanisms allowing administrators to regenerate their administration workstations immediately after disconnection in order to limit the risk of virus propagation. Its advanced automatic authentication mechanisms on applications and managed resources ensure that no application is left unsecured.

Thanks to its innovative approach, Cleanroom Desk is the only PAM application that meets the ANSSI�s highest standards. Indeed, ANSSI recommends vigilance with regard to solutions called �bastion� because they do not take into account the prevention of an attack via the administration workstation. It is therefore recommended to separate office workstations from administration workstations.

Immune against viruses, untouched by attacks, Systancia offers the single-use virtual desktop, renewed at each user launch, like a sealed airlock. Cleanroom Desk facilitates this separation and is perfectly integrated into projects aimed to comply with ANSSI�s recommendations.

�With Cleanroom 4, Systancia is the only company to combine virtualization and cybersecurity to provide IT administrators with an innovative, original and global solution, available both in cloud and on-premise mode,� said Christophe Corne, Founder and CEO of Systancia. �Cleanroom 4 has features that make it mobile, flexible and specialized to meet all administrators� needs.�

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