World�s Appetite for Japan Satisfied by Unique & Kawaii Subscription Box Services

Osaka, Japan, October 04, 2019 --( ZenPop, the subscription box service of ZenMarket, celebrates its third anniversary this October.

Since the late 2000s, subscription box services have grown exponentially, both in popularity and number (7,000 companies as of February 2018*). In this competitive market, many services fail.

The rise of Japanese subscription box services in recent years reflects the world�s fascination with, and hunger for, all things Japanese. A fascination that will only heighten with the 2020 Olympics.

Founded in 2016, ZenPop�s growth has been fueled by Japan lovers wanting to experience the best the country has to offer, without having to pay the expensive air ticket.

Of their four monthly subscription boxes, ZenPop�s Ramen Pack and Stationery Pack are unique offerings in the industry and their most popular packs.

Based in Osaka, ZenPop�s multicultural team (Japan, America, France and Australia) curate each of the boxes with a new theme every month. The packs feature items found only in Japan and highlight the country�s obsession with unique and seasonal food flavors, as well as kawaii and novel products.

From Pringle-flavored ramen to natto-flavored (fermented soybeans) snacks to staple-free staplers, ZenPop�s customers are able to experience Japan in a way they cannot in their hometowns.

Key points:

Founded 2016 in Osaka, ZenPop celebrates third anniversary October 2019

Four subscription boxes - Stationery, Ramen, Sweets and Ramen + Sweets Mix

Only service to offer website in six languages, including Russian and French

Packs start at $25 with free worldwide shipping to 94 countries

Online Japanese manga, Full Moon Magic, launched September 2018

ZenMarket is a proxy shopping service and online marketplace (ZenPlus) that delivers Japanese products worldwide. Founded in 2014 by four non-Japanese, ZenMarket now employs 108 staff domestically (70% Japanese and 30% non-Japanese) and offers its website in 10 languages.

Enquiries & Review Pack Requests:
Laura Beckett, Marketing
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +81 06 4560 4070
Social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

*How big is the global subscription box industry?, Hackernoon, April 18th 2018.

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