New WhatsApp Features You may not know

If you a WhatsApp user you would have gone through all the features of the latest WahtsApp. But still there are some Some nice features which many of the users don't know. We would like to list few here.

"Star" Messages to find them easily later

This is like a doing a bookmark or saving to favorites. When you receive an important message, you can "Star" this message for future use. You can find these messages very easily.

Backup your Chats to Google Drive

Now you can use your Google Drive account for WhatsApp Chats backup. Even if by mistake you delete or reset WhatsApp still you can recover your messages from your Backup on Google Drive. To Do a backup to Google Drive you need to have latest WhatsApp messenger app on your mobile/tablet. Go to Menu -> Settings -> Chats and Calls -> Chat Backup -> Google Drive Setting set it up. If you are on WIFI We suggest you to backup your WhatsApp Chats everyday.


Clear Older Messages

If you�re already backing up those chats, there�s no reason for you to keep really old messages, is there? It�s time to clear things up, and WhatsApp has made it simpler than ever.

Go to Menu > Settings > Chats and Calls > Chat History > Clear All Chats and you�ll see three options: all messages, messages older than 30 days, or messages older than 6 months. Choose what you want and WhatsApp will do the rest.

Link Preview

This is a neat new feature that doesn�t really make you do anything special, but just adds to the overall experience.

link previews in whatsapp

WhatsApp Calling

WhatsApp Calling lets you call your friends and family using WhatsApp for free, even if they�re in another country. Currently, WhatsApp Calling is available on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10.

WhatsApp Calling uses your phone�s Internet connection rather than your cellular plan�s voice minutes. Data charges may apply.

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