Question & Answers: How to do Sadhana properly.

Question - Guruji I am not able to do my Sadhana properly because of my job, but I really want to do it more.

SriSri - Alright, I want to ask you a question. When you have to go for work, do you ever leave without brushing your teeth? Even if you have a lot of work to do, do you leave without brushing your teeth? I also had a lot of work to attend to today. I was meeting thousands of people today since morning. But do you give up drinking water because of so much work? Suppose today you know you have a lot of work in the office. Do you simply get out of bed, change into your shirt and trousers and run off to work? Do you go to the restroom or not before leaving? If you do not brush your teeth one day, no one will be able to sit near you. So it is necessary to brush your teeth every day. This is dental hygiene. In the same way, doing pranayama and meditation every day is mental hygiene. To free the mind of all stress and to go to work with a cheerful and happy mind, you need to invest a few minutes every day for this as well. Take some time out for this. Once it comes into your routine, then it becomes a part of your day and it does not disturb your schedule anymore. No matter how urgent things may be, just have this firm determination that I will sit for 10 minutes and leave only after completing my pranayama and meditation. Once you discipline yourself this way, then that�s all that is needed. Even if you do it just once in the day, that is good enough. And if by chance you miss it one day, it is alright; do not worry too much and do it the very next day. But I am not willing to agree that one does not get time to do this. See, everyone has only 24 hours at their disposal. One who works in a job too has only 24 hours, and even the Prime Minister has only 24 hours for himself. Both of them feel that there isn�t enough time. How much we are able to do and achieve in the time we have is a measure of our skilfulness.

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