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Radioline and Faurecia Aptoide Unveil a Major Partnership, Distributing Worldwide Radios & Podcasts on Millions of Vehicles

NEUILLY-SUR-SEINE, France--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#Android--Faurecia Aptoide Automotive App Store welcomes Radioline to offer millions of vehicles worldwide the most complete radio and podcasts offer on the market.

Faurecia Aptoide is a joint venture between Faurecia, one of the world�s leading automotive technology companies, and Aptoide, one of the largest independent Android App Stores. Faurecia and Aptoide joined forces in 2019 to develop and operate Android App Store solutions for the global automotive market.

Faurecia Aptoide�s solution offers carmakers and their customers a secure, connected, and upgradeable App Store managed through an intuitive HMI and covering a range of needs and use cases, including navigation, fuel, and parking information; music, video, and audiobook streaming; and gaming, weather, and point-of-interest recommendations. OEMs can select the apps on offer to suit their customers� priorities in different regions.

"Faurecia Aptoide offers an excellent opportunity to spread our services to a wide range of users throughout its App Store dedicated to OEMs. Through this partnership, the full version of our app including advanced features and worldwide catalogs will be available�, says Xavier Filliol, COO of Radioline.

Radioline is world�s leading provider of radios and podcasts with the most comprehensive catalog on the market with 110,000 radio stations and podcasts from 130 countries - this represents all broadcast stations and 30,000 webradios - enriched with metadata and program guides, and 10 million podcasts chapters. The service is available in 10 languages based on curated local catalogs. Thanks to the integration into the Faurecia Aptoide Automotive App Store, drivers around the world will be able to access the full content library directly in their vehicle with the full Radioline app (worldwide catalogs, search engine�).

�We�re happy to partner with Radioline, as radio and podcasts are one of the major use cases for digital continuity expressed by occupants of a connected vehicle. Together we can make this content available to drivers worldwide�, says Paulo Ferreira, Head of Partnerships of Faurecia Aptoide.

With Faurecia Aptoide Automotive App Store, Radioline joins other leading apps to build the future of the in-vehicle experience. Faurecia Aptoide keeps the apps automatically updated and the ecosystem tailors to the driver�s security and comfort.

About Faurecia Aptoide

Faurecia Aptoide is a joint venture between Faurecia and Aptoide.

Faurecia has grown to become a major player in the global automotive industry. With 266 industrial sites, 39 R&D centres and 114,000 employees in 35 countries, Faurecia is a global leader in its four areas of business: seating, interiors, Clarion Electronics and clean mobility.

Aptoide is the 3rd largest Android App Store in the world and is the game-changing Android App Store. With over 300 million users, 7 billion downloads and 1 million apps, Aptoide provides an alternative way to discover apps and games, with no geo-restrictions and one of the best malware detection systems in the market.

More about Faurecia Aptoide: www.faurecia-aptoide.com

About Radioline

Radioline is the world�s leading radio provider with +110,000 stations and podcasts on all screens, distributed by a large range of partners (OEM, telco, media portal, middleware, etc.) since 2006.

The service is built on a highly scalable platform with advanced features, enriched content management, massive channel aggregation and universal access via any mobile, PC, connected TVs, IoT and automotive apps (including hybrid radio with TDF).

Radioline is a Baracoda Company.

More about Radioline: business.radioline.com


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