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Travel Spots to Sooth Your Soul, The Japan National Tourism Organization�s New Insider Guide to Japan

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) �s new insider guide to Japan features things to do and see that will sooth your soul. These contents are associated with the �Wellcation� concept that helps visitors relieve stress and anxiety arising from difficulties of the past year.

Japan is often associated with big cities like Tokyo and Osaka, but 70% of Japan�s topography is comprised of dense forests and mountainous terrain. Leveraging this landscape, Japan has long excelled at harmoniously mixing art and nature, with countless open-air art facilities across the archipelago showcasing a cornucopia of sculptures and installations. Among them is Moerenuma Park, a municipal facility (part of Sapporo City�s Circular Greenbelt Concept) with a landscape dreamed up by artist Noguchi Isamu.

Visiting Upopoy in Shiraoi Town, Hokkaido Prefecture is another way to discover Japan�s beautiful nature. This new national center celebrates and showcases the culture of the Ainu, the indigenous people of northern Japan and first settlers of Hokkaido. Upopoy, which means �singing in large groups� in the Ainu language, is a landmark project for the Ainu population. Surrounded by dense forests and adjacent to Poroto Lake, the National Ainu Park is an open-air museum where Ainu culture, including traditional dance performances and an array of hands-on activities and programs, overlaps with nature.

For those desiring a spiritual experience, Mount Koya may be the perfect place to go. This sacred religious site is the 9th-century birthplace of Japan�s Shingon sect of Buddhism, and home to numerous Buddhist temples.

Mount Koya offers highly unique overnight stays at temples, known as Shukubo, where guests can follow in the footsteps of centuries old tradition of monks and pilgrims by checking into around 50 different temples. Shukubo is among Japan�s most esoteric and stoic experiences, offering rare insights into the daily lives of Buddhist clergy, including their vegetarian meals and close-up views of cultural treasures used in their religious practices.

Below are some stories featured in the JNTO�s New Insider Guide.

No.4: Japan, for All Five Senses

  • Whisky Trails
  • All about Ainu at Upopoy
  • Foodie Hiroshima Region

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No.5: Japan, Where Life is an Art

  • Echigo Tsumari Art Triennale
  • Open-air museums across Japan
  • The Charm of Japanese Tea

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No.6: Japan, Don�t Miss Out

  • Shinkansen Deeply Connected with the Tokyo Olympics
  • Magic of Mount Koya
  • Tottori Sand Dunes

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JNTO believes that our time apart will make travel experiences all the more exciting once cross-border travel is resumed. We look forward to seeing you in Japan.


Asuka Suzuki

Dentsu Public Relations for JNTO

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