Reliance Jio Preview Offer validity extended to 6 months from 3 months

jio-preview-offerReliance Jio, earlier this month, had extended the trial launch of its 4G services to the public through an invite system, driven by its group employees. A Reliance group employee can refer maximum 10 users to buy a LYF mobile and get a Jio SIM card with 6 months validity with unlimited calls, Data, Video calls and SMS.

Earlier the validity for this preview offer was only for 3 months, but Jio had extended this validity with 6 months. Reliance Jio is planned to launch by End of 2016 and company don't want to revile the tariff plans before launch. This is the reason why the offer is extended to 6 months.

We feel its a loot to get this Preview Offer connection from Jio. Average internet cost per month in India is around Rs.800-1000/month. Even if you buy a Reliance Jio LYF Smartphone for Rs.5,000/- you can get back the money paid for the Smartphone in 3-4 months. Added to this data package you will also get unlimited Free Voice and Video Calls + unlimited SMS. So this offer really worth it to consider.

To get this preview offer, you need to get an invite from a Reliance group employee. So go through your friends and connection list to find out a friend who works in Reliance Jio or Reliance group. And request for an invite.

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