Reliance Jio Planning to give JIO SIM And Preview offer to all users who buys LYF phones from May 30

Reliance JioReliance JioReliance Jio planning to get rid of the invite system to get a Jio SIM. From May 30th, 2016 you need not have to get an invite to buy a LYF phone and a JIO SIM card along with Preview offer. In preview offer you will get 9 days unlimited HD Voice and Video Call (VOLTE) , Unlimited SMS and True Unlimited 4G Data.

To get a Preview offer and SIM card you still need to buy a LYF Smartphone. The price of LYF starts from Rs. 4,799 to 19,999/-

I m personally using this Preview offer on LYF Wind 6. Planning to post a Preview Offer and wind 6 Review soon on

There were reports that the 90 days preview offer is extended to 180 days. Even many users got the updated expiry date on their MyJio App.

The Commercial launch of Reliance Jio is planned to launch in Dec 2016. From which you can get a SIM card with out the bundle of a LYF smartphone.

As of now the preview offer is activated only when you use the Jio SIM card on a LYF Mobile.

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