Sunclip – a Shade Smarter; a Novel Anti-Glare Attachment Developed by UK Optical Plastics Limited

Sunclip, an anti-glare, anti blinding attachment for sports sunglasses.

Sunclip - a Shade Smarter; a Novel Anti-Glare Attachment Developed by UK Optical Plastics Limited

Leicester, United Kingdom, October 22, 2019 --( Throw you caps away; so says Tony Messiou, CEO of UK Optical Plastics Limited and creator of Sunclip, "We have developed a novel clip-on, clip-off anti-glare attachment for sports sunglasses that allows tennis players to serve and play high shots with comfort and without squinting. Sunclip is light, durable and is suitable for a range of face sizes and eye to eye distances thus making it a truly unisex offering. The advantages of Sunclip are that the straight ahead view is not significantly dimmed but bright light from above is totally blocked. This is a new product departure for our company that normally provides optical design and consultancy."

Sunclip has been independently tested by tennis players and endorsed by the head tennis coach at Enderby Tennis Club, Leicester Tom Mattison who stated: "I have tested the Sunclip attachment and found it to be very effective in reducing glare from the sun. I compared the device against my usual filter sunglasses and they out performed those when serving towards the sun in identical conditions. This meant that I did not have to squint so much when striking the ball. I also did a comparison when wearing my normal sunglasses and a baseball cap. I still found the Sunclip device to have the edge in terms of blocking the glare. I believe these will be of benefit to many amateur players. As the frames allow for the fitting of inserts for prescription lenses they will also be of benefit to those who need prescription lenses. They will suit players who do not like wearing caps. I have spoken to many club members and have heard only positive feedback. I also like the designs and colour scheme."

Tony Messiou also stated, "Technology doesn�t stop there; versions for cyclists and other applications are also being developed. We very much appreciate our current followers and we look forward to sharing our concept further with the Kickstarter community."

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