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Taiwan Excellence Building Material and Fastener Industries Webinar Highlights Quality and Safety from Four Top Brands

King Slide, Sheh Kai, TRONCO and Sheh Fung showcase innovative products and recipients of Taiwan Excellence Award

TAIPEI, Taiwan--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Unveiling the latest industry innovations, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), Taiwan�s foremost trade promotion organization, hosted its successful Taiwan Excellence Building Material and Fastener Webinar in Taipei, Taiwan, on October 30, and welcomed more than 200 buyers and media from around the world. This live-streamed event transcended travel limitations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and provided global participants a closer look at Taiwan�s top brands and their innovative building material and fastener products that improve user quality and safety. These brands included King Slide Works Co., Ltd., TRONCO Electric Machinery, Inc., Sheh Kai Precision Co., Ltd. and Sheh Fung Screw Co., Ltd.

After presentations by respective company executives showcasing their products � all winners of the Taiwan Excellence Award due to their highest quality and innovations � the webinar concluded with business match-making sessions for participants to further interact with brand representatives. Simon Wang, executive vice president, TAITRA, said the brands are all ramping up production and actively seeking global, collaborative opportunities with buyers as well as other product manufacturers.

Attendees were impressed by the presentation of stellar products offered by these four top industry brands:


King Slide Works Co., Ltd., a building material products manufacturer specializing in slide tracks, presented three revolutionary safety designs for home furniture. The company is the second-largest server rail brand in the world and holds more than 1,000 product patents. King Slide recently made a large investment in R&D to infiltrate the kitchen and furniture slide rail markets. King Slide pioneered three innovative designs, including �Ever-Active Push-Open Design,� �Vibration Safety Design (VSD)� and �Switchable Push-Open Design,� among which the product �SIMLEAD Safety Drawer System with Push Open, Soft-Closing and VSD� was selected as the Taiwan Excellence Silver Award in 2019.


Sheh Kai Precision Co., Ltd. specializes in high-end construction fasteners such as bi-metal screws, and ultimate performance bi-metal and carbon steel screw anchors. Sheh Kai presented a comparison between screw anchors and expansion anchors, demonstrating the high-quality of their products available to buyers. Its concrete screw anchor won the Taiwan Excellence Award 2017 and features high ductility within the load bearing area of the fastener, and lower the sensitivity of a fastener to be damaged by embrittlement by way of hydrogen as well as corrosion.


TRONCO Electric Machinery, Inc., presented an intelligent automatic door system that marries systematic integration and mechanical design. With a reputation for expertise in high-performance motor applications, TRONCO�s door systems assure customers of safe and secure operation within a variety of settings. The SW30 series of Automatic Swing Door Systems incorporates microprocessor servo controllers that bring the benefit of precision door position control and smooth noise-free operation. It is also a green electric system with high efficiency power supply units. Its stand-by power consumption takes below 0.5W, offering a superior energy, cost-effective automatic door solution. The built-in obstruction detection feature reacts to the lightest touch on the doors when closing to prevent accidents.


Sheh Fung Screw Co. is an affiliated enterprise to Sheh Kai, and a fastener brand that is synonymous with quality and safety for the user. Sheh Fung has developed an exclusive, superior corrosion resistance coating for its fasteners and offers customization for different uses. Sheh Fung�s Timber Construction Screws have the characteristic and function to let users handle easier and save more time by their patent design to reduce screw torque and the risk of splitting wood.

The winners of the Taiwan Excellence Award look forward to partnering with international buyers to bring their innovations to global build material and fastener markets.

As a leading player in the global hardware industry, Taiwan is one of the first Asian countries to invest in the development of high-value metal production products such as hardware, building materials, and fasteners. Bolstered by the country�s IT technology and complete supply chain, Taiwan's hand tool industry has an export value of more than $3.79 billion, placing Taiwan among the top three in the world in 2019. Within the fastener industry, Taiwan ranks among the top four globally with an export value of more than $4 billion USD.

To access the Taiwan Excellence Building Material and Fastener Webinar event page, click here: https://events.taiwanexcellence.org/building_material_fastener/

To access the Taiwan Excellence Building Material and Fastener Webinar YouTube link, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWlINkrUv1I&feature=youtu.be

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