The former OKcoin core team created the derivatives exchange [JEX], which believes that option products can help users make money in bear markets.

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9 November 2018 -�The cryptocurrency market is bearish, and everyone is
looking for new ways to make money. The combination of options and futures will
certainly become an opportunity. In short, options and futures have the
advantages of the high efficiency of capital use, convenient trading, and low
credit risk, which have solved many investors' concerns to some extent.

JEX believes
that the current token trading market has problems such as lack of varieties in
product model, lack of leverage and short-selling mechanisms, etc. JEX COO Wu
Hao explained, when selecting the underlying asset, JEX will focus on the
liquidity of the currency. Only BTC, ETH, EOS, BNB, HT, and NEO contracts are
now available on the platform. The option underlying asset needs to meet three
requirements: there are USDT trading pairs, trading on large trading platforms,
and sufficient liquidity. Secondly, the product design is simple and suitable
for ordinary users to participate. In addition to publishing a series of
introductory articles about options in the Help Center of the website, JEX also
provides users with various tutorial content, including text, comics, and
videos. It offers options training courses for all new users with professional
instructors' online explanation/answers. Users can also get a trial account
with 100USDT to learn options trading methods through real trading. All losses
incurred during the trial account transaction are borne by the platform, and
all profits are owned by the user.

platform introduced self-sell options function. Users can pledge margin through
the JEX platform and sell the options contracts on the market. JEX CEO Chen Xin
believes that the fairness of option selling/pricing and trading is guaranteed
by allowing users to fully participate in every aspect of option selling and
trading. The JEX platform has launched its own platform token, which the
holders can enjoy trading fee discount and can also be used as part of the
margin when sell options. Each quarter of the JEX platform will also regularly
repurchase platform tokens circulating in the market with fee income as
investor protection fund.

though JEX is positioned as the derivatives trading platform, users who trade
derivatives may also have the need to trade spot goods. Therefore,
cryptocurrency spot trading and index trading are also available on the
platform, and futures trading will also be online soon.
The development of the first phase of the JEX futures
contract has been completed, and the invitation to the beta version is
officially opened. Users can apply for beta testing through online customer
service (or find us in our telegram group). After your application has been
passed, you will be qualified for beta testing and receive 10,000 USDT of
virtual funds. During the beta testing process, the user can submit the
improvement suggestions and bug information found during the test to our customer
service and receive a reward of up to 100,000 JEX.

Wu Hao
said that the platform will further optimize the market's mainstream futures
business design, such as using the liquidation line to anchor spot prices,
dynamic maximum leverage and dynamic limit position risk control mode to reduce
the risk of margin call. JEX believes that the launch of futures products will
also develop a user base for options products. In addition, the platform is
considering launching index and portfolio investment tools in the future to
facilitate users trading.

Made of 50
employers, the JEX team has completed angel round financing from Huobi and Node
Capital. The core team is from OKCoin and has extensive experience in product
design, development, and operation of the blockchain asset trading platform.

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