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Unveiling the Future of Lubrication at the Joint ALIA/F&L Asia Exhibition

Elevate Your Brand and Unlock Industry Insights: Join Us in Kuala Lumpur This September

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#FnLWebcast--In an unprecedented move, Southeast Asia will host its inaugural lubricant industry exhibition, setting the stage in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from September 9-11, 2024. This landmark event, a strategic partnership between the Asian Lubricants Industry Association (ALIA), the voice of the lubricants industry in Asia based in Singapore, and F&L Asia Ltd. promises to be a pivotal gathering for the lubricants sector. The lubricant exhibition will be held at the prestigious Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, adjacent to the iconic Petronas Twin Towers.

As a pioneering publishing and events company F&L Asia Ltd. headquartered in Hong Kong stands at the forefront of innovation and thought leadership in the global fuels and lubricants industry. With a rich legacy of curating influential content and orchestrating seminal events including the recently concluded F+L Week in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, F&L Asia Ltd transcends being merely a platform; we are a catalyst for progress, innovation, and collaboration among industry professionals worldwide.

A Catalyst for Growth and Innovation in the Lubricants Sector

As the first exhibition of its kind tailored specifically for the vibrant Southeast Asian market, this event is poised to become the cornerstone for industry professionals. It offers an unparalleled opportunity for manufacturers, service providers, distributors, retailers, and end users to explore the latest in lubrication technology for a variety of vehicles and machinery, amidst the backdrop of digital transformation, sustainability, and the evolving impact of electric vehicles.

Exclusive Insights from Industry Leaders

Andy Notomuljo, the Membership Subcommittee Chair of the Asian Lubricants Industry Association (ALIA), underscores the pivotal role of the upcoming exhibition in harnessing the vast potential of the Asia-Pacific region's lubricant market.

As the Director of Sales & Marketing - APAC for Master Fluid Solutions, Notomuljo points out, "The Asia-Pacific region is at the forefront of lubricant demand, propelled by robust industrial expansion, escalating automotive needs, and a decisive pivot towards more eco-friendly lubrication solutions. This exhibition is a golden opportunity to delve into the industrial lubricants landscape, particularly metalworking fluids, which are essential for our burgeoning industries."

Meanwhile, Vicky Villena-Denton, CEO of F&L Asia, emphasizes the exhibition's unique position as a nexus for networking, knowledge exchange, and discovering cutting-edge trends and technologies. She delineates the unique positioning of this exhibition in contrast to F+L Week, the region's premier networking event for the fuels and lubricants industry.

"While F+L Week serves as the industry's leading platform for showcasing global developments in fuels and lubricants, this exhibition is specifically designed to engage directly with the end-user market, in addition to our B2B audience. Admission is complimentary, underscoring our commitment to educating end users about the importance of lubricant quality. Our goal is to empower consumers to become more discerning in their lubricant choices, ensuring the right product is used for the correct application. This approach not only drives growth but also promotes the sustainable use of lubricants across the Asia-Pacific region. We're setting the stage for a future where innovation and sustainability go hand in hand, shaping the way lubricants contribute to our world."

Maximize Your Presence: Secure Your Exhibitor Space Now

With a variety of exhibitor spaces available, from intimate 9 sqm booths to expansive 36 sqm showcases, businesses have a golden opportunity to highlight their innovations and solidify their market position. Act fast to take advantage of the Early Bird discount by March 31, 2024, and enjoy exclusive benefits including product presentation slots, access to the Exhibitor Lounge, complimentary tickets to the Exhibitor Appreciation Dinner, and promotional opportunities on F+L Daily and F+L Magazine online platforms.

Don't Miss Out: Pre-Register Today to Ensure Your Spot

Visitor pre-registration is now open for this must-attend event, spanning three halls of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. With attendance expected to exceed 5,000, secure your place today to experience the future of lubrication technology and industry innovation.

For Exhibitor Bookings and More Information:

Contact: [email protected]

Pre-Registration and Exhibition Details:

- [Pre-register here](https://tickets.fuelsandlubes.com/events/flweek/1116001)

- [Exhibition Information](https://asianlubricants.org/2023/08/09/exhibition/) (https://www.fuelsandlubes.com/fl-exhibition/)

About ALIA and F&L Asia Ltd:

ALIA, representing more than 100 businesses across the lubricants industry value chain, and F&L Asia Ltd, a leading publisher and event organizer in the fuels and lubricants industry, are at the forefront of advancing the Asian lubricants industry. Together, we are shaping the future of lubrication in Asia and beyond.

Join us in Kuala Lumpur to witness the evolution of the lubricants industry at the ALIA/F&L Asia Exhibition – where innovation meets opportunity.


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