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Wedge Holdings: Franchise Development of Card Game Shops in Indonesia

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In Indonesia, our group are currently managing 4 physical card game shops, Facebook account for card game users with 25 thousands followers and the largest community for trading card game (TCG) players.

With the aid of card game community, we have been developing the franchise system of card game shops in Indonesia and have recruited the franchisees since May 2020. So far we accomplished to execute 6 franchise agreements including at Tangerang in Banten, at Banjarmasin in Kalimantan and at Kemang in South Jakarta and now established 10 card game chain shops in total nationwide including house brand shops. Currently several franchise applications are under review and we are open to accept new applications every week. We are planning to develop this kind of chain shops not only throughout Indonesia but also in other Southeast Asian countries.

Our group will distribute TCG products to our own shops, other card game shops and toy stores nationwide and also host the official card game competitions in Indonesia.

Our group have hosted many TCG experience events in Southeast Asian countries including Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia and also released localized versions of TCG “Haikyu!!Volley Ball Card Game” in Vietnam and Indonesia. Based on our company’s mission “Fill the world's time with Waku-Doki”, we will continue to warm up the contents industry through our business activities as well as act as the bridge for content holders and users.

Indonesia has the world’s fourth largest population as many as 264 million. Also it has an average age of 28 years and has more than 70 million population of under 17 youth who are the potential target users of TCG. Indonesia is a promising market for TCG because the incomes are rising so people are expected to spend more money on entertaining contents.


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