Why more Australians are choosing no attendance cremation services

It is always sad when someone dies, leaving a mark on relatives and friends in the years that follow, especially if the deceased was a person well-known in the local community. While it is likely that many people will want to pay their respects, a growing number of people request that they do not have a funeral, sometimes as an instruction in their will, or left with their nearest and dearest. 


It might be because of religious beliefs, or purely that they wish not for people to endure a service and feeling sad in a chapel. It still means that a celebration of the deceased life can still be enjoyed but elsewhere as their funeral as such won’t be attended. Those in a district of NSW are likely to have checked out cremation Canterbury in their search engine and found funeral directors who offer no-attendance funerals, but what do such establishments offer?


  • The directors will still ensure that the cremation will be totally respectful with full information being passed on as to where it will be and at what time. That allows those who wish to pay their respects elsewhere, maybe at a more social occasion, to do so at the appropriate time without having to attend in person.
  • It offers more flexibility so that the deceased can be remembered by more people. The advent of live video calls allows people to link up wherever they are located, which can be a great way to connect and say a few words together. While it is inevitable that there will be much sadness, it is likely to make the event more comfortable without the stress and negative emotions that a traditional service can bring. It also saves significant costs, some which might be spent instead on a visit overseas to India.
  • There is the opportunity to choose a package that suits the departed and their family. A loved one might want a lock of hair as a permanent reminder, which will be arranged, or for personal items to be cremated as well. Leading establishments also provide the opportunity to say a final farewell at the funeral directors the day before the service in solitude.
  • The funeral directors can provide a simple coffin, and sort out the details such as cremation permits, the crematorium fee, and the death certificate, as well as the transfer of the body to the directors’ mortuary. Maybe a sports fan would like their send-off to be enjoyed by those attending the races and enjoying a premium dining experience.
  • The fuss-free arrangement can incorporate live music or videos of happy times spent with family and friends at a venue of their choice. It offers the opportunity for all ages to attend without the distress youngsters might otherwise suffer at a conventional funeral.


A no-attendance cremation is a cost-effective solution for those not wanting a traditional funeral. It offers flexibility and the chance for more people to celebrate the life of the deceased in a more sociable environment.

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