Xiaomi Mi 5 camera samples posted online by company President Lin Bin

Xiaomi Mi 5Much awaited Xiaomi Mi 5 is again in news today. The President of Xiaomi (the manufacture of Mi 5) Lin Bin, today published some Sample Photos clicked by Mi 5's Camera on Xiaomi Mi 5 is scheduled to launch by End of this month.

Bin posted two sample camera shots of a beach on his Weibo account on Tuesday. The first image, which might have faced compression during the process of uploading to the social network, shows the beach and other elements in the background in detail. The camera appears to have impressive autofocus and shutter speeds, with the sample's subject a flying bird. The second image shows the same subject and the scene slightly zoomed in.

A pair of pictures shared by Xiaomi co-founder Lin Bin show the upcoming Mi5 camera in action. The images were taken at a pristine beach, perfectly capturing details in the sand, palm trees and the clouds above. Even more impressive is how the phone was able to catch a large bird in action as it swooped by.

Not only do these pictures demonstrate the Mi5�s crisp camera and fast auto-focus, they also suggest that the shooter can launch quickly enough to capture this bird mid-flight. Launch time has become an increasingly important factor for smartphone cameras, and we�re glad to see Xiaomi�s new phone can keep up.

Here is the Sample Photo taken by Mi5's Camera

About Lin Bin
Lin Bin is the Co-Founder and President of Xiaomi. His vision for his company is to have the reach of Apple or Google. The company started as an Android OS developer with MIUI and more recently has created a handset called the MIUI mobile phone.

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