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A very Inspiring Real Life Story “That 50$” (Whatsapp Message)

Inspiring Real Life StoryMehdi Fakharzadeh The Great Life Insurance Legend & No 1 Agent of MetLife (International) has shared many personal practical experiences & real life stories in his world famous book “Nothing is Impossible”. One of his personal favorite story is “That 50$”

Mehdi was new to Met Life. He joined insurance industry in compulsion as he had lost his earlier job. Being an Iranian & migrated to USA having no contacts there, he was facing great problems on a daily basis. The Situation was so worse that he could not manage to provide bread to his 2 month old child.

After joining MetLife & taking basic Sales Training, he went field for soliciting Life Insurance Business.

For continuous 40 days he was on field from morning till late night, but could not sell a single policy. Finally being frustrated & rejected, he told his Sales Manager that Life insurance Selling is not his cup of Tea as he decided to quit it.

The Agency Manager told Mehdi “I am assuring you 50$ income on a daily basis, but with a small condition. The Condition is that you have to meet 50 persons on daily basis & listen no from them & get 50$ from me”. Mehdi was very excited to get this offer & immediately rushed for field. He met few persons & everybody was saying no to him. Mehdi was experiencing great joy from inside as he was about to get 50$.

Finally on his 35th call one person agreed to get a policy & asked some technical questions which Mehdi could not answer. Mehdi came back to his Sales Manager & told everything. The Sales Manager took Mehdi on a joint call to that person & answered all his queries & got a Policy. While returning to office Sales Manager told Mehdi you could not earn my 50$, but today you had earned 100$.

In next day Sales Manager assured Mehdi of getting 50$ with the same condition “listen no from 50 Persons”. The next day was different for Mehdi. He could sale 3 policies on his 23rdcall from one family & subsequently earned 200$. From that day onwards Mehdi has never seen back.
He became the no 1 Agent of his office, then of his city & finally the no 1 Agent of his company for USA. Mehdi has enjoyed the no 1 status for last 35 years. Mehdi’s annual income was 5 times more than the CEO of his company.

Finally one day during the Farewell Meeting of his Sales Manager he sadly declared “I have earned Millions of Dollar, but friend I am sorryI could not earn that 50$ from you”.

Needless to say Mehdi in his Professional career (post that event) had not seen a single Day without a Policy. At a current age of 80 he is still managing to meet minimum 15 people on a daily basis.

He has shared many great ideas in his 2ndBest Seller Book “Everything Is Possible”

Moral of the Story one can achieve anything & everything in this profession if one is really passionate
& just follow the basic guideline. ”

It’s a sales job story but applies to each of us who are ready to walk that extra mile for result…

Note: This is a Whatsapp Message someone shared to my mobile.

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