Apple working on new wireless charging technology for their upcoming phones and tablets

apple wireless charging technologyAs per reports Apple is working on a new wireless charging technology for its upcoming iPhone and iPad devices. Apple target to integrate this new wireless charging technology in their iPhone by Q1 2017. The new technology is still in prototype stage and is being developed in association with partners in the US and Asia.

Once integrated users will be able to charge iPhone and iPad devices from a distance. Tipped to bring a new revolution to the charging technology, the current wireless charging solutions require gadgets to be located within close proximity to a charging mat. Hence, the new technology, if implemented, will change the way in which mobile devices are charged.

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According to unconfirmed reports, the new wireless charging technology will be developed is such a way that user just walks into a room to have their devices like iPhone and iPad automatically connect to a charger.

With iPhones and iPads generating more than three quarters of Apple's revenue, new technologies can give its devices an edge and help the company sell products at a premium in a slowing market. Samsung Electronics Co, Sony Corp and Google Inc are among rivals that have released wirelessly-charged smartphones that still require proximity to a charging plate.

Efficiency of power transfer decreases as the distance between transmitter and receiver grows, which means batteries take longer to recharge.

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