Cook It Right! 8 Types of BBQ Grills

It's summertime and that can only mean one thing. The season of the backyard cookout is upon us. Let your imagination run wild with the possibilities of hotdogs, and sausage, and burgers, oh my!

However, before you bring out the spatula and apron apropos to every backyard gathering, you need to know what type of grill to use.�

The type of equipment used to get your grill on has changed significantly. This guide will examine 8 different types of BBQ grills.�

  1. Charcoal

The most classic and tried style of barbeque grills. These use charcoal briquettes that need to be brought to temp before cooking.

Charcoal grills are inexpensive and easy to cook on.�This is a user-friendly grill choice that lets you control the hot zones based on the distribution of coals.�Some grillers believe charcoal grills offer unmatched flavor.�

  1. Gas

If not charcoal, gas grills are�among the most popular backyard option. While the initial investment is higher, gas grills are much more convenient. These cook with an attached, refillable tank of propane. This eliminates any hassle involved with prepping coals.�

Gas grills are clean, reliable, and easy to use.�

  1. Kamado

Kamado grills are based on ancient earthenware designs. Burning coal, the thick ceramic walls insulate the heat and promote circulation. Kamado is all about low and slow cooking.�

These grills have a higher investment, but they cook in a unique way. To see what's available, check out napoleon bbq prices and styles

  1. Wood Pellet

As the name suggests, these grills use wood pellets as fuel. This may sound strange but most stores that offer charcoal will also have a wide range of wood pellet types.�

Depending on the amount of fuel you use, the temperature can fluctuate. As such, they are rangy and versatile options for cooking.�

  1. Smoker

Some of the other options here have smoker properties, but if you want the meat to taste rich with smoke, this is the grill for you.�

Smokers are designed to cook at�low temperatures. In this fashion, the wood smoke has time to penetrate the meat and enhance the flavor.�The drawback is the long cook times. You need to continually monitor the food on the smoker.�

  1. Electric

With an electric grill, you only need a wall outlet to get things going. Electric grills are great for apartments that don't allow flame-based grilling.

Electric grills are fast, clean, and cook evenly. Yet, these grills don't give the food a dynamic flavor like wood burning.�

  1. Camping

Camping grills are also known as portable grills. The name refers to the size and convenience of the design. These are perfect grills for bringing along on trips or tailgates. What's more, is these come in charcoal or propane versions.

However, one of the major drawbacks is the small cooking zone.

  1. Combination

If you can't decide from the options here, you may consider a combination grill. These offer the best of both worlds.�

The large cook space has a gas and charcoal area. The propane is great for everyday use. The charcoal can be fired up for special occasions.�This is the best way to compare the two flavors.��

Types of BBQ Grills for Every Cook

These are the types of BBQ grills available, there is an option for every style of cook. With this guide in mind, you should be able to find the perfect grill. The only thing left to consider is when you want to host a BBQ.�

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