Latest Spring Trend – Flower Beard


flower Beard 1

There’s a new hipster trend of men decorating their beards with flowers. This idea may have originated by trying to mock the female obsession with flower crowns. Interestingly, one picture even dates back to 1977, so this “latest trend” is probably just repeating what our parents used to do.

Men rarely get a chance to wear flowers in their hair. Perhaps only when they graduate from college, or visit Hawaii. While often unconsidered, this is sort of disappointing for men. After all, simply wearing flowers in your hair can make you feel happier, more light hearted, and closer with nature. A feeling that men want to experience just as much as the ladies.

Flower Beard

And so the latest trend is born: men wearing flowers in their beard! While women can decorate the hair atop their head, men have hair on their face, meaning they can use flowers to accesorize in a whole new way.

Also known as the ‘facial flower crown’ look, this trend is up and coming, but that doesn’t mean you are likely to see any guys at your local grocery store wearing flowers in their beard. So sit back, relax, and enjoy these photographs of handsome men sporting beautiful flower beards.

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