Mongolian Resorts Breaks Ground on New Resort

Mongolian Resorts has recently announced that they have broken ground for the construction of a resort and country club located 35 kilometres from the capital city of Ulaanbaatar.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, April 24, 2006 --( Established in 2002, Mongolian Resorts has since quickly grown to become one of the largest integrated tourism services providers in Mongolia. They now offer a full and exciting range of services to tourists from over a dozen countries around the world.

Mongolian Resorts, started by American entrepreneur Lee Cashell is based on what Mr. Cashell describes as �Providing Mongolian tourism clientele with upscale accommodations with adequate tourism infrastructure with international levels of service and cuisine�.

Mongolian Resorts ( started out with the now popular and trendy Ulaanbaatar restaurant called the �UB Deli� ( serving gourmet sandwiches to discerning travellers and expats alike. The company has now integrated the UB Deli Restaurant, the Moda Mongolia cashmere boutique, the Mongolian Resorts Guest House, The Mongolian Resorts Country Club and Ger camp as well as numerous adventure tours and exhibitions specializing in various activities such as jeep tours, hunting, fishing, biking expeditions, bird watching and management training excursions. The tours run to all the popular destinations such as the Gobi Desert and Karakorum but also to the more adventurous destinations in Mongolia including the Tavn Bogd Mountain range and the western parts of Mongolia, home to the Kazakh minorities.

The all seasons lodge will be a three story, 700sqm wooden facility made of pine trees from the Siberian forests and will contain, a library, a spa centre, a small cinema, business and conference facilities as an open kitchen gourmet restaurant facility with an large terrace overlooking the Mongolian Steppe. The resort will be comprised of two distinct geographies, both set in stunning scenery, surrounded by wild horses and virgin territories. The ger�s will be luxuriously and comfortably appointed with many innovations brought to the inside such as sisal carpets imported from France and large double beds. The resort will bring a level of comfort as of yet unknown in the Mongolian Steppe while still preserving the adventurous feel of the stay. Guests are offered the luxury of comfort but also that of space and tranquillity. The camp also serves as an adventure travel centre with many activities and trips available such as Quad bike riding, horse riding, hiking, jeep tours, bird watching and more. Mongolian Resorts aims to offer its customers the best of both world, a professional service and a fun comfortable atmosphere and it certainly seems set to achieve its goals. It is expected to be completed in July of 2006 and is being built with the financial support of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation.

Contact details for Mongolian resorts: [email protected] Tel: 0097699091899
Seoul Street, Behind the UB Deli Restaurant, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.


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