Soft8Soft Announces Verge3D 2.13 for 3ds Max Released

Soft8Soft announces Verge3D 2.13, the tool for creating interactive animations, product configurators, engaging presentations of any kind, online stores, explainers, e-learning content, portfolios and browser games.

Moscow, Russia, August 02, 2019 --( Soft8Soft announces Verge3D 2.13 for 3ds Max, a long-awaited release which brought reworked shadows, screen-space reflection/refraction effects, application templates, and various App Manager improvements, as well as many new puzzles to extend possibilities to create web-based interactives without coding.

Upgraded Shadows

Verge3D now comes with reworked implementation of shadows in � now they look much better and also closer to 3ds Max viewport. This was made possible thanks to:

- Improved smoothing algorithm especially with high sample ranges
- Fixed issues with self-shadowing
- More precise shadow volume calculation


A puzzle for enabling screen-space reflection or refraction is now available for creating computationally inexpensive yet quite realistic dynamic reflection and refraction effects.

App Manager Settings and Application Templates

The App Manager now offers a settings page, accessible through the gear icon on the top. On this page, the user can enable the external server interface to make the development server accessible remotely through machine's IP address rather than localhost. This might help in debugging from a mobile device, or showcase apps in the users' company LAN or even via the Internet. Also on this page, the user can change the cache timeout for Verge3D Network.

The settings page also allows for adding custom application templates based on which one can create new applications.

Application Pages

Each application now has a dedicated page for better convenience while managing large projects. The application page can be opened by clicking on the application name in the App Manager (notice that file icons are now displayed in a single row).

The application page contains the list of files and offers a search box for filtering them off. There is also a button for opening the application folder.

When clicked on 3ds Max icons, the corresponding files will be opened in the background without leaving the page (same with the main page of the App Manager), thus saving time.

Also, this release got some cosmetic changes to the UI, such as adding the backward icon.

And the last but not least thing, now the main page of the App Manager opens much faster thanks to optimized directory lookups.


The add annotation puzzle now offers the id field to identify the corresponding HTML element for an annotation (as well as the HTML element for the expanded variant). Also, there are puzzles and JavaScript methods for opening and closing annotations.

Now, the HTML event puzzle, as well as other event and time puzzles which work asynchronously, can be inserted to other puzzles� slots.

Some properties for handling HTML5 audio and video elements were added to the set/get attr puzzles to: loop, muted, duration, ended, paused and volume.

There is a new puzzle called system date/time which users can use for adding clocks, calendars, organizers, etc features to their apps.

Other Features

The export time, file size and memory consumption have been optimized thanks to not exporting unused mesh attributes (such as tangents) from 3ds Max. This behavior is now default but users can turn it off by disabling the Optimize Mesh Attributes export option.

Also, this release removes the Facebook GLB export option as this feature is no longer offered by Facebook.

Verge3D WordPress plugin now uploads applications asynchronously which speeds up the upload process and also fixed the maximum upload size issue.

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